Adobe Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition offers a customizable solution for enterprise publishers, global corporations, and worldwide ad agencies who want to transform and grow their digital business through lucrative new revenue streams, deeper customer relationships, and cost-efficient tablet publishing.

Integrate print subscriber databases and fulfillment systems to merchandise to readers via print/digital bundling, promotional codes, and custom access control.

Integrate publisher entitlement systems to sell subscriptions directly to consumers.

View preset, ready-to-use analytics dashboards on content downloads and content performance, powered by Adobe's Omniture technology.

Deliver viewer data directly into Adobe SiteCatalyst, an integrated service powered by Omniture, for extended, drill-down analysis and reporting. (Requires an Adobe SiteCatalyst subscription, which is sold separately.)

Integrate with dynamic rich media mobile ad platform (Medialets).

Create custom HTML store for robust and targeted merchandising opportunities.

Create custom user interface for Content Viewer including support for navigation controls.

Access included Gold technical support.

Take advantage of 5,000 complimentary .folio downloads.

Access support for developers working on the Digital Publishing Suite platform.