Laidback Solutions

Feedback analyses images in a layout and creates reports based upon copyright status of images. Instead of spending endless of hours on manually analysing and creating resports, Feedback does it for you in a matter of minutes.

If you are using copyright protected images in your magazine or newspaper, there is big chance that you have someone spending endless hours on filing on writing reports.
Feedback can automate the entire process for you, which will free up many hours or even days.

Correct information
Since Feedback is actually analyzing the InDesign file or QuarkXPress project file, it means that it's 100% correct information that is in the Feedback server. All last minute changes will be done in the layout application, which means that we will get them into Feedback.

So easy and fast to use!
With Feedback you simply point to a folder that contains all your InDesign documents or QuarkXPress projects for the current issue. Once Feedback has analyzed all images you log into the Feedback web interface to create your custom report depending on your needs.

Are you paying too much?

Currently Feedback have support for Adobe InDesign CS3 and CS4 as well as QuarkXPress 7 and 8.