K4 Admin puts you in the virtual pilot seat of your publication or project. This is where you administer all production sequences and define workflows for your various media output.

You can create any number of workflows for each object type and output, or generate dependencies between individual production steps. All workflows can be freely configured. This also applies to access rights and the unlimited number of available metadata fields.

Admin Roles & Wizards

More than one user can use the admin interface, and you can assign specific administrative tasks to each user - for instance, one person can be in charge of creating new issues. For this purpose, the system offers a number of templates to simplify data entry.

We have also implemented several wizards that guide the administrator through necessary setup processes. This includes error messages highlighting missing data. For example, while creating a new user profile, the wizard will notify the administrator if no section were selected for the user.

Graphical Workflow Editor

Unique to K4 is its easy-to-use, Web-based graphical workflow editor. This innovative tool allows administrators to rapidly set up, edit and duplicate simple or extremely complex parallel cross-media workflows, and to print out the workflow chart for communication and reference.

The new K4 Admin tool also allows a single login for multiple publications, offers the ability to duplicate publication and user setups, and incorporates many easy-to-use wizards and help systems that speed up configuration of users, metadata, queries and publication settings.