K4 Web Portal servs as a central platform, the K4 Web Portal facilitates your browser-based publishing efforts. It provides all the query options you need, as notifications, previews and versioning.

Edit and manage all your content in a single Web client

You can easily extend the K4 Web Portal with more plug-ins as you see fit. With this powerful tool, you are ready to tackle today's tasks and master tomorrow's publishing challenges.

K4 Web Editor

The K4 Web Portal automatically launches the appropriate plug-in according to the selected task and preference settings. For example, it launches the K4 Web Editor ICML if you wish to work on InCopy documents from a browser and continue using the same line numbers and line breaks.

The K4 Web Editor HTML lets you capture native content as HTML Snippets for Web publishing. Texts, images, videos - the Web CMS is able to upload all this straight from K4 to your Web site for online posting, depending on rights and workflow. You also can use this K4 Web Editor to work on articles that you can convert to InCopy documents later.

K4 File Manager

The K4 File Manager plug-in provides even more user-friendly support and lets you handle any kind of data in K4. It lets you use a Web browser to manage all files, such as Photoshop, Word and Excel documents etc.