SmartColor™ is an optional automatic repro module for Color Factory Professional and Color Factory Enterprise. Save time and increase your production efficiency with SmartColor™, the new and automatic repro module from FotoWare.

Contrast enhancement
The contrast enhancement feature determines the optimum settings for white- and black-point level and for the gamma correction. The advantage of this technology is that difficult scenes like snow, night, portrait, flash, and other images are detected, enabling optimal corrections.

Colour enhancement
Colour enhancement differentiates a normal colour cast situation from special cast situations like artificial light, portrait with skin tone, white point or colored black point, for example in the green trees.

Shadows and highlights enhancement
This is one of the most important image enhancement steps. The enhancement results are obvious, especially in the shadow areas where much more detail will be visible. Shadows and highlights enhancement also acts on the highlights which are near saturation.

Natural colour enhancement
This is a colour enhancement of key natural colours which have to be pleasant for the human eye. These are colours of skin, sky, vegetation and others. For these colours we define colour points which pull non pleasant colours closer to more pleasant colours.

SmartColor™ is available as an optional module in Color Factory Professional and Color Factory Enterprise.