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Publishing in Any Tablet Format with vjoon K4

A quick, simple way of delivering digital content to iPads, Android tablets, and other future platforms, automatically reformatting page, and benefiting from efficient endto- end processes throughout the production chain.

vjoon continues to resolutely implement the Unified Publishing Process, enabling easy multi-platform and multiscreen publishing for both media companies and corporate publishers. The integration of K4 with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite enables highly automated production of individual digital editions for diverse tablets such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, RIM Playbook, and other upcoming Adobe AIRTM-based devices.

The comprehensive E-commerce and Analytics Services beyond the Digital Publishing Suite are benefiting both media companies and corporate publishers. For one, they support flexible payment and merchandising models to monetize content directly, for example, via the Apple App Store and the Google Apps Marketplace. For the other, online analysis tools such as Adobe SiteCatalyst (powered by Omniture) provide a global means of assessing advertising effectiveness. They enable publishers to accurately track and rate usage behaviors, optimize their digital editions accordingly, and boost advertising revenue.

K4 customers like WIRED, The New Yorker, The Red Bulletin, bulletin by Credit Suisse and the German Wandermagazin already take advantage of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Professional publishers that would like to deploy and sell commercial applications prior to general availability of the Digital Publishing Suite are invited to join the Adobe Digital Magazine Publishing Prerelease Program.

These days, publishers face the daunting challenge of producing printed editions as well as digital editions in different page formats and for a wide array of mobile devices (iPad, Android tablets, and many more) - all at the same time and under great cost and deadline pressure. To do this in the digital era, publishers need solutions that enable them to elevate design as a competitive advantage, attract advertising customers, optimize publishing processes, drive down production costs, and support flexible business models. "Adobe's new Digital Publishing Suite includes a spectrum of services and viewer technology to empower publishers to create, produce, distribute and commercialize their magazines," said Zeke Koch, director of product management for Digital Publishing at Adobe. "The vjoon K4 publishing platform and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite allow professional publishers to efficiently automate the magazine application production process."

"Publishing houses and corporate publishers are confronted with a huge and growing diversity of output devices spreading throughout their target groups. Consequently, the effort and costs of producing digital editions are skyrocketing, while marketing is just getting off the ground," says Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon GmbH. "Adobe and vjoon saw these problems early on and developed pinpoint-precise strategies to solve them. The Digital Publishing Suite of services compliments the production processes enabled by vjoon."

One of the many ways of enhancing productivity is to substitute automated processes for routine manual chores. vjoon K4 automatically converts individual pages into any format, also adapting styles and units of measure, for example, from millimeters to pixels. What's more, automated processes in vjoon K4 can export individual articles or complete issues in the .issue file format to the Distribution Service of the Digital Publishing Suite. This lightens editors and layout designers's workload, freeing them to devote their time and resources to realizing creative ideas. And it helps publishing houses cap costs because they can get all the extra work done without necessarily hiring more staff.

The production flow may also be supervised in a central web client. Its views show pages in the given target format, either as a single page, as double-page layouts, or as stacks. All the status information is also displayed. The editorin- chief, project manager, director, or executive can then post digital sticky notes with comments and revisions for editors and layout designers's reference in Adobe InDesign or InCopy. If desired, they can even communicate by way of a live chat.

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vjoon Releases K4 Version 6.2 - Fully Compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 5

With today's availability of Adobe Creative Suite 5 vjoon releases K4 Version 6.2, which is fully compatible with CS5. Publishers can immediately take advantage of the ideal combination of multimedia capabilities offered by K4 and Adobe Creative Suite 5 by including videos or picture galleries in dynamic layouts and publishing them into digital platforms like the iPad.

With vjoon K4 6.2, the Hamburg-based software developer enriches its Cross-Media Publishing Platform with handy features for more collaboration and multi-channel publishing - such as real-time chat communication with sticky notes across different clients, additional preview capabilities in K4 Overview Advanced, and alternative page designs.

"Digital editions are redefining the media-consumption experience and revenue strategies for professional publishers," says Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon. "Regardless of the devices and strategies that a publisher chooses, with vjoon K4's highly evolved workflow engine, publishers can efficiently manage and produce content for a variety of media and channels, including the iPad."

Real-time collaboration

Because quick and direct communication through instant messaging has become commonplace in today's working environment, vjoon gives creative teams a new tool for real-time collaboration and communication within the live document: The "sticky notes" feature in K4 6.2 integrates instant messaging into the production process - directly on the layouted page.

For example, an editor needs a layout designer to leave more space for his article, so he places a note on the layout that says, "Is it possible to scale down the image to make my text fit?" The designer, in return, can directly answer this question by posting a note maybe saying, "I am going to use a different image anyway and that will free up some space." The sticky notes feature is also integrated with the browser-based K4 Overview Advanced, introduced with K4 6.2, which means the head of production can participate in the live chat on the document and can request changes to layouts directly from browser-based previews of the InDesign documents.

K4 Overview Advanced also enables members of the creative team to preview and pull proofs of layouts as they would look if all of the objects on the layout were updated - without needing anyone to open the document in InDesign. Using InDesign Server, the "prediction mode" of K4 Overview Advanced will pull in updated text and graphics onto a layout and make JPEG previews and PDF proofs that are accessible via a Web browser. With this tool, editors can, for example, pull proofs that show the effect of their edits without asking the InDesign operator to update the layout manually.

The new 6.2 release also enhances the creative team's ability to manage alternative layout designs. If uncertain which photo of a celebrity or story will make the cover, for example, layout artists simply link different designs to the layout within K4 6.2. This feature allows for producing any number of different layout designs in parallel - with changes to source articles and photos updated on all of the layout designs from the database.

K4 Overview Advanced makes it easy throughout the creative and production cycle to indicate and change which layout is the preferred design. "Publishers want the freedom to create content without having to decide in advance where it will be published," says Linda Bruce, vice president of enterprise sales at MEI, vjoon's K4 distributor for the Americas. "K4's cross-media, multi-channel workflow engine streamlines the process of tailoring content to the requirements of each individual output channel. For organizing work-in-process content and managing cross-media workflows, vjoon K4 truly has become the central hub within the editorial and creative production environment."

The 6.2 release of vjoon K4 is available immediately worldwide through vjoon's network of distribution partners.

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