EvioTech Services

Eviotech offers advanced FotoWare technical workshops for system administrators, system developers and end users as well as general technical support. After completing any of our FotoWare workshop programs, the participants will have an increased understanding and know-how of the FotoWare system and how each function and feature of the FotoWare system can improve the customer's business operation.

All aspects of the FotoWare system will be described in detail from technical as well as operational perspectives and discussions on how all the different pieces fit together will be held at the workshop.

System technicians from New Strait Times Press (Malaysia) attending FotoWare system training held at Asia Hotel (Bangkok)

System technicians from Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) attending FotoWare system training in Bangkok year 2011

Standard Workshop Program
EvioTech offers a standard technical workshop program divided into 4 different workshop sessions, each one focusing on different parts of the FotoWare system. This workshop program is suitable for new FotoWare customers as well as existing customers who want to refresh their knowledge about the FotoWare system and any new functions and features.

Customized Workshop Program
Upon request, EvioTech can design and conduct technical workshops based on specific customer demands and requirements. The customized workshop program is suitable for current FotoWare customers who would like to improve and develop their existing FotoWare setup within specific areas or new customers who intend to build a niche solution based on FotoWare software.