FotoWeb Feature Release 11

The next Feature Release of FotoWeb 8.0 is now available for download!


Crop & Download

We have combined two popular tools and created a new tool that simplifies the crop and download experience. Select your files, click Crop & Download, create a crop frame and then download. You can create and share presets to make the user experience even more streamlined, similar to the export tool. The cropping will not be applied to the original file stored in FotoWeb.

This is useful in situations where a tight integration towards FotoWeb is not yet in place and users are required to download files from FotoWeb at a given size and upload them to e.g. a third party CMS while matching the size requirements defined in that system.


Crop in Action

We have made the cropping tool available in workflow actions as well. This means thatthe actions can be configured to allow pro users to perform a crop before an asset is sent to a destination (FTP, File System or email) without affecting the original file stored in FotoWeb.

A potential use case for this feature is in an editorial workflow where an image editor suggests a crop of a subject in images and sends them directly to layout. Layout will then receive the cropped images and can place the ready-processed images directly into an InDesign article. Show your customers how it works: