CMS Server is designed for ink optimization of newspaper and commercial print. It checks and optimize every element, including the advertisements, inside the page before it goes to the press.

Print Accurate Colors & Save 30% Ink!

30% savings on color ink

For each printing dot, Binuscan CMS Server searches the press profile for the different CMYK formulations matching the desired Lab value, and selects the most cost effective ink formulation. Furthermore, it improves the quality of your overall print. Crisp advertisements, no more ink smearing and endless debates with your advertising agencies about the quality of their ad.

Print accurate and matching colors
Without Binuscan CMS Server, your customers’ files will be printed differently on coated or uncoated paper, or on different presses. Each print dot in a CMYK file is made of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black values and each of these have a corresponding value in the reference Lab color space. A proof is called ISO/Fogra 39 certified when the printed colors, measured in Lab using a spectrophotometer, match the Lab values in the original file set to this standard.

A certified proof shows the “right colors”
Without Binuscan CMS Server, CMYK values will have a different colorimetric rendering on every different press and paper, since the Lab references are not used. Binuscan CMS Server guarantees accurate colors, within the ISO 12647 standard, even if the PDF files you have to print were not prepared by qualified professionals (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files etc).

New profile and workflow in 15 minutes
In 15 minutes only, your new profile and workflow is ready and available on your local network! All you need to do is drop PDF files. They will be automatically optimized for your printing system. This ease of use is made possible by the high-end technology at the heart of CMS Server. Starting from strict spectrophotometric data from the printed target, the system auto-parameters for each specific case, without requiring a qualified operator with color management knowledge and experience.

Improve productivity & reduce paper waste
In offset printing, ink saving will allow for an immediate gray balance, more brilliant colors, reduction of metamerism and printing with less water for a faster and more consistent print run, faster drying, and less paper waste.
With CMS Server, the gray balance is achieved much easier, while the color balance is stabilized automatically through the usage of more black ink, which is color neutral and with the result of a major reduction in start up waste.