Color Factory is a powerful server application designed to increase the efficiency of your daily production. Through batch processing and automatic image management, Color Factory ensures quality control, a smooth workflow and prepares all your digital assets.

Automatic file Processing & Workflow

Color Factory handles file flow tasks, quality control, automatic repro and image enhancement, color management, PDF processing and archive management.

Color Factory is tailor made to process large quantities of digital images and automate many of the common tasks in a production workflow, making sure production runs efficiently.

  • Automatic repro and image enhancement
  • Format conversion, sorting and duplication
  • Comprehensive PDF processing
  • Automatic metadata processing

Automatic image sorting
Use Color Factory to automatically sort files files based different criteria like prefixes, metadata, image size or quality, color space and more.

PDF Processing
Color Factory can perform all image handling functions in-place on images in a PDF document, for example CMYK conversion and automatically split a multi-page document into separate files. Pictures can be extracted and converted to a common image format for final archiving.