Enhanced Visual Content

Optimize image quality using the SmartColor image processing module to achieve better looking images. No experts or expert software is needed to create the images you need.

Automated Workflows

Sort large amounts of incoming files in a manageable structure and verify that those files comply with your predefined standards. Route your files into meaningful folder hierarchies.

Congruent Visual Brand Identity

Be a graphics expert by converting, resizing and transforming all your images in one system, ensuring file format, color space, output dpi settings among all your digital and print materials.

Increased Image Quality

Automatically enhance image quality without the need of expert software. Sort pictures based on contrast and quality to minimize the amount of manual work.

Print Materials with Ensured standardisation

Automate file format conversion, color space conversion, ICC profile tagging, resizing and output dpi settings to prepare pictures for print. Color Factory takes control over your consistent Brand Identity

Fully automated PDF Processing

Color convert PDFs to prepare them for print, using Lino CMS Engine or Adobe Color Engine.

Take Control over Your assets

Monitor all activity on the server through the Operations Center. Keep an eye on the processing queues, the time to process and the number of assets processed in the last 24 hours. Extensive logs provide additional details.

Increased Asset value

Automate the verification of metadata consistency. Sort assets based on metadata content, automatically add metadata based on rules and filter out files that require manual metadata tagging.

Streamline processes

Streamline and automate workflows to manage your assets. Avoid duplicate content, maintain metadata consistency and purge outdated content automatically, to name a few common operations.