Connect is the new file transfer automation server from FotoWare. It monitors multiple inputs and distributes files from local or network folders, FTP sites, FotoWeb servers, and email servers. It is the ideal tool for centralized archives, a number of branch offices, or in-house to automate workflow operations.

Enterprise-class file transfer automation

Each workflow channel can be configured with optional routing rules to fine-tune which files should be fetched and how they should be sorted in their destination folders. Connect 7.0 can also act as a central hub where files can be transferred from oneremote location to another.

This makes it possible, for instance, to utilize a FotoWeb archive search as input and a remote FTP location as the output without having to configure two channels.

The FotoWare Operations Center keeps an overview of all FotoWare applications on the server. It lets system operators monitor and administer channel activity and pending file transfers in an easy to use web interface.

  • Distribute from one folder (hotfolder) to up to 128 destinations
  • Regularly check a remote FTP server for new files
  • Transfer files automatically between folders in your network
  • Run-schedule options for controlling when to transfer
  • Trigger processing on files as soon as they arrive
  • User friendly setup and configuration
  • Multi-threaded application for concurrent transfer