FotoStation Pro has been designed for people who work professionally with digital assets. It puts you in command whether you work alone or in a large organization, and whether you have just started building an archive or need a fast, powerful solution to organize you existing one.

  • Find, process and share your digital assets
  • Search locally and centrally
  • Save time and money by automating your workflow.
  • Available in multiple languages, including Thai.

Find your files – fast!
Finding your images and artwork just became incredibly easy! Our advanced metadata technology is the key to
annotating, cataloguing, searching and retrieving multimedia fields on your workstation or across the network in seconds.

Search with data mining
Search the archive while browsing it using data mining. FotoStation will extract metadata and date information from
the archived files, letting you easily retrieve files from a specified range of dates or files that contain certain metadata. We like to think of data mining as a more visual way to quickly search your archive.

Organize your archive
Arrange your files the way that suits you best. No matter where you place your files, FotoStation will index their
metadata and make them easy to retrieve later. And theres more than 70 different ways to sort the contents of your
archives, based on file properties and metadata content.

Caption your files – automatically
FotoStation, like all FotoWare applications, is fully XMP-compliant. It comes with several metadata editors that you
can use straight away, or you can customize the editors and the underlying XMP schema file to add your own
namespaces and custom fields for compliance with your existing systems. While adding metadata to your files can be
time-consuming and uninspiring, with FotoStation you can predefine quicklists for quick and accurate entering of commonly-used descriptive words.

Advanced workflows
FotoStation has been designed to offer maximum modularity. Powerful actions let you combine several operations that are applied to files when they are dropped on an output.

FotoStation create web pages of picture collections for upload or print your image collections using fully customizable
print templates. Workflow outputs can also be used to verify that all the necessary descriptive metadata has been
added to your files before they are copied to an output such as a long-term archive.

Touch up your pictures
Using FotoStations built-in image editor you can touch up your pictures fast. Chances are, you will find most, if not all, the tools you need to adjust color balance, set automatic levels, remove noise from digital camera shots and crop and resize most of your pictures.