FotoWeb is a powerful server application designed to make all your digital assets accessible through a standard web browser. FotoWeb handles archives with millions of images, PDFs and other multimedia content, and offers powerful search capabilities when connected to FotoWare Index Manager.

Archiving & Production workflow on Web

FotoWeb is the total solution for publishing your digital assets on the web. With FotoWeb your employees, customers and partners will be able to quickly and easily find the assets they need and use them in their documents, on web pages or printed material.

  • Instant availability
  • Powerful searching
  • Workflow and production
  • Leaf through multi-page PDF documents
  • Easy to install, configure and administer
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Centralize your asset management even with distributed organizations
  • Completely customizable to your own branding
  • Powerful integration and custom development possibilities

PDF support
FotoWare 7.0 server applications have built-in support for the Adobe PDF standard. FotoWeb previews let you leaf through multi-page documents.

Image processing
The new image processing engine enables on-the-fly image processing and delivery. When a user requests to download a file or order it using the shopping cart, preset profiles control file format and color space conversion, resampling, custom watermarking and application of unsharp mask.

Powerful searching
The strength of FotoWeb lies in its powerful searching capabilities. When connected to Index Manager, FotoWeb allows users to search an archive based on full text indexing of file content and also basic attributes of an object, such as file size, dates, color space, dimensions and more.

Collaboration tools
FotoWeb is an ideal tool for workgroups sharing the same assets. Users can create albums, which are collections of documents on the FotoWeb server. These albums can be shared with the other users in the system by sending an email link.

Production workflow
Create and control your workflow through FotoWeb?s easily adaptable system, and integrate with other FotoWare applications to harness their power. FotoWeb integrates easily with all relevant production systems on the market. You can create predefined destinations to let users easily transmit files to any server anywhere in the world via standard protocols.

FotoWeb is fully integrated with Active Directory and Novell eDirectory and will utilize the users and groups from your existing network configuration. It can also operate with its own user database, or a combination of the two.

The Web Administration tools make it easy to delegate the daily administration tasks, such as user and access management – it is easily accessible right from the administrators desktops.