Efficient Indexing & Search Processing

Indexing of any file type, with rendering of thumbnails and high-definition previews of nearly all image and graphic file formats. Optimize your search results by fine-tuning queries.

Works in Your World

Jump start without the need to migrate data. Store your files anywhere in the network and access them through a single point of entry. Index Manager is 100% compatible with software from leading vendors.

Flexibility and Security for Your Assets

Safeguard your data with Index Manager! All client-server traffic is encrypted. Metadata is embedded in your assets for your flexibility – there is no additional metadata to maintain.

Search All File Types

Make all your images, graphics, videos, documents, PDF’s and audio files searchable, as Index Manager extract metadata from each asset. All document content is also searchable to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Thumbnails and Previews of All File Types

Find and preview all file types without having to download them first. It does not take any additional specialty software. Work smarter and do more work faster!

Zero Maintenance

To comply with enterprise-level requirements, Index Manager can be configured for load balancing and automatic failover to ensure data integrity and 24/7 accessibility. The system is self-healing and automatically optimizes for maximum performance and uptime.

Industry Standard Encryption

All client-server communications can be secured using industry standard encryption to keep your assets safe.

Easy Access Control

All network traffic is encrypted ensuring full security of your files. The control over assets availability and sharing is all in your hands and allows 24/7 accessibility. Integrates with Active Directory for user authentication and access control.

Maximum Performance Multiprocessing

Index Manager takes full advantage of modern multi-core servers and provides blazing fast indexing, renditions and search services to all the users in your organization.

Customize Your Metadata

Create your own unique metadata schemas to describe your assets, or use the extensive built-in XMP, IPTC and EXIF fields that come as standard. Fine-tune search processing by defining controlled vocabularies to help users find what they are looking forward.

From Thousands to Millions

Index Manager grows with your needs and handles a DAM with millions of assets, returning search results in the blink of an eye.