Matichon Public

Matichon Public is one of the major newspaper and publisher groups in Thailand with 7 different publications.

The Binuscan color management and production system is integrated into the digital workflow system. The color management and output production is controlled by a central Binuscan server which automatically performs profiled and centrally controlled color correction, color separation and conversion.

The Thairath Daily

The Thairath Daily is the largest daily newspaper in Thailand with a circulation of over 1,000,000 copies per day. During the year 2004, a full-fledged color management system was implemented with great success.

The Binuscan color management solution is fully integrated into the digital workflow and all pictures are automatically processed to CMYK or B/W using separation and print profiles especially created for Thairath.

Pictures can now be processed or reprocessed in a matter of seconds, the quality in the final print is improved and it is easier to control in terms of consistency, colors and ink consumption.

City Digital

City Digital focus on reselling and distribution of high end digital photographic equipment.

City Digital uses software applications and tools from Binuscan to enhance and improve the quality in print as well as for color management tasks such as calibration and profiling of monitors, scanners and printers/proofers.

Color Spark

Color Spark is a provider of large format inkjet printers and supplies various media such as glossy paper, vinyl, canvas, sticker etc.

In order to provide consistent and matching colors between different printers and types of media, Color Spark uses the Binuscan Color Case solution to measure, calibrate and create ICC profiles for each media type and printer.

Samboon Printing

Samboon Printing is an off-set printing firm with largely varying printing projects, from small one copy customers to mass printing jobs.

Samboon Printing is using Binuscan’s ColorCase for calibration and profiling of their monitors, proofing machines and printers. The Binuscan ColorCase helps the company to always obtain a consistent quality in print and matching colors between the different devices.


Vitamin-See is a reseller of high end digital cameras and experts in digital photography.

Vitamin-See uses the ColorCase from Binuscan to calibrate and create specific profiles for different devices such as digital cameras, scanners, monitors, ink-jet printers and photo printers. Vitamin-See also uses PhotoRetouch Pro for retouching and securing the picture quality in their photo studio.

The Philippine Star

The Philippine Star has implemented a complete color management system from Binuscan with great success.

The Binuscan prepress color management operations are fully automated and integrated into the digital workflow system.

The Binuscan Color Management is controlled by a server where most of the color correction is automated by the Binuscan IPM Server software.

Quality improvements and increased consistency has been made possible by implementing a controlled and profiled Binuscan RGB workflow and a server based color correction, separation and conversion which minimizes the effects of unpredictable and operator dependent operations.