Matichon Public

Matichon Public is one of the major newspaper and publisher groups in Thailand with 7 different publications.

Matichon is our first newspaper customer in South East Asia using the ColorMan solution in a “All the Way” RGB workflow where the pictures remain in full or cropped size RGB during the whole prepress workflow to be placed in the Quark page layout, still in RGB. Once adjusted and approved in the page layout, with a simple action directly from Quark, the RGB picture is sent to the central color management server for output processing to CMYK or B/W and automatically sent back to the Quark layout page for final output to print.

Public Relation Department

The Public Relation Department uses FileTrain to process, filter, convert and forward videos, pictures, PDF documents and many other file formats on their central digital asset archiving server, and is fully integrated with their Fotoware archving solution

The Thairath Daily

The Thairath Daily is the largest daily newspaper in Thailand with a circulation of over 1,000,000 copies per day.

The FileTrain software will perform all necessary workflow integration tasks such as a complete integration with the external PDF workflow system solution as well as automatic backup and archiving of processed pages in PDF.

Trade & Logistics Siam

Since 1997 Trade & Logistics Siam have been at the forefront of bringing shipping and logistics news to Thailand, in the country’s native language, Thai. Today they publish Logistics Manager (LM) and the monthly Thai-language Airfreight Logistics.

Trade & Logistics Siam uses PostMan to automate the receiving and input of pictures sent via email. The pictures are automatically transfered from the email account into the FotoWare picture editorial workflow, magazine production and library archive.

Sports Authority of Thailand

Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) has acted in place of the Sports Promotion Organization of Thailand since 17 October 1985.

The Sports Authority of Thailand will use FileTrain to receive videos and pictures via FTP from remote sporting events. FileTrain will route different media types through different processes and triggers a 3rd party application that automatically converts video files to a preset standard format, and finally routes the videos and pictures into a FotoWare archive.