Trade & Logistics Siam

Since 1997 Trade & Logistics Siam have been at the forefront of bringing shipping and logistics news to Thailand, in the country’s native language, Thai. Today they publish Logistics Manager (LM) and the monthly Thai-language Airfreight Logistics.

Trade & Logistics Siam Co., Ltd. is using a complete a K4 editorial system solution from vjoon (Germany). With the K4 system in place, Trade & Logistics Siam has managed to streamline the production workflow, increase the efficiency and improve the coordination and control of the whole editorial and pre-press workflow, from the initial stage of receiving and creating content to the final output of pages being sent for print.

The K4 Web Portal allows as well internal as external users to upload, create and assign content, ads, photos etc to publications, issues and users etc. The K4 Web Portal is accessed from both remote and in-house locations using a standard web browser and accessing the Web Portal from either the local network or the Internet. Within the K4 Web Portal users are able to edit content and adjust content that is already in the editorial and pre-press production workflow.

K4 Edit and K4 Layout provides an integration between the K4 system and Adobe InCopy and InDesign. From Adobe InCopy the users write, edit and update articles that are in the K4 system, and using Adobe InDesign the users are able to retrieve content, photos and graphics being ready for layout in the K4 system.

The InDesign Server application integrated with the K4 system gives the users the opportunity to adjust and update any content that has already been placed in the layout from Adobe InCopy or the K4 Web Editor. The InDesign Server also provides all modules in the K4 system with an updated PDF and JPEG preview of all the layouts, being automatically and instantly updatedevery time something is changed in the layout.

With the K4 Overview internal managers and supervisors are able to monitor the whole magazine production, and the K4 Overviewwill gives external customers who has outsourced their pre-press and editorial production to Trade & Logistics Siam, the opportunity to online and via a standard web browser view and monitor their publications, newsletters and other media during the whole pre-press, editorial and layout production process