New Features Available in FotoWare On-premise

November 8, 2018

The latest update of FotoWare on-premise adds features already seen in the SaaS offering, as well as a couple of new and exciting features that have been long awaited for on-premise customers and are introduced for them first.

Image Annotations

Create annotations on pictures in your collections. Add descriptions to them, send colleagues permalinks to specific annotations you’ve made and let them comment on them. Make prints that include the annotations you’ve made. All these features are available in both FotoWare and FotoWare Pro. Learn more:

Using Annotations in FotoWare

Using Annotations in FotoWare Pro

A way to present this to customers:

Is collaboration over your media files taking forever? Are you in a situation where it takes ages to go back and forth with your graphical designers over small edits on certain assets?

We want to make collaboration smart and social! By introducing:

  • Commenting on individual files or a collection of files
  • Collaboration with no limits – engage on files internally or with any 3rd parties
  • Highlight and add comments to specific areas in an image or graphics

So what are annotations? On a chosen file you can draw, highlight, pin and comment to collaborate on media files in new ways! You can also share your comments as a permalink with other members on your team!

If you need to print or save the annotations to a PDF we’ve covered that, too!

All these features are available in both FotoWeb and FotoWeb Pro!

See how it works: 

Improved video playback


An updated video player has been made available in this release, adding new features such as the ability to control playback speed, reverse playback, and skip frames. It’s also possible to download still frames and more! Learn all about it:

Documentation for the main FotoWare user interface

Documentation for the FotoWare Pro interface

Site Branding

The improved site branding capabilities recently offered to SaaS customers are now also made available to customers running FotoWare on premises.

So it’s now a simple operation to brand the site with your corporate logo, favicon and home page banners without having to write a single line of code.

Read all about it!



Group Management in SAML integrations

When integrating FotoWeb with ADFS using the SAML protocol, group membership in the Active Directory can now be relayed through the ADFS server so groups can be kept in sync on the FotoWeb server. An increasing number of customers are now taking this approach even on-premises, and allows FotoWeb to easily integrate even with complex Active Directory configurations. As the former Active Directory / LDAP integration has been deprecated, you will want to see how to set this up!

Learn more!

A way to present this to customers:

The latest release of FotoWare can sync groups from your Active Directory or another identity provider using SAML, so you can easily assign access to FotoWeb archives and workflows based on your current organizational structure. The icing on the cake is support for industry-standard single sign-on functionality, including the possibility for multifactor authentication.

Why is SAML great for your team? 

  1. Employees can access FotoWare Digital Asset Management using the same authentication system that you use for other SSO-compliant applications.
  2. Administrators can control who has access, enforce password policies and add multifactor authentication for an additional layer of security.
  3. You can easily assign archives and workflow permissions based on the groups in your Identity Provider – giving you a single place to manage groups.
  4. Whenever a user logs in with SAML Single-Sign-On (SSO), that user will be added to one or more linked groups based on information from the Identity Provider.
  5. It’s quick to set up and easy to understand for users.

Management of users and groups straight from the FotoWeb interface

With this update, you can manage users and groups straight from the FotoWeb UI in a web browser. That means there’s no longer a need to access the Operations Center to add users or create additional groups. How cool is that? The user management documentation has been updated to reflect this central change to how FotoWeb works.

For a quick introduction, see a video that explains how it works: 

Complete Documentation

New FotoWare Features Available

June 28, 2018


We’re happy to announce that new features have been rolled out to all SaaS instances and will be released on-premise in the coming week. Localized versions will be available in the final public release.

Below is an overview of new features, their use case, and links to documentation.


Add Custom Links to the FotoWare Top Menu

Add links to your corporate intranet or other resources of your choice in the top menu. What’s more, you can add dynamic user tags to links, so that logged-in users can pass user info when querying the third-party system.

Documentation available here.


Permalinks in FotoWeb Pro

You can now extract an asset’s permalink in FotoWeb Pro in the asset info panel.

Documentation available here.


Improved website branding

Easily brand the site with your company logos. Now you can also add a custom logo for mobile apps that access your site!

Want to demonstrate how sleek it looks to a customer or a prospect – use this video 

Documentation available here.


Persistent login (“Remember me”)

Administrators can now configure the system to allow users to stay permanently signed in. This way, users who log on to FotoWare can choose to stay signed in. A permanent cookie is set in their browser so that they’re automatically logged in the next time they access the site.

Documentation available here.


Improvements to Terms and Conditions

When users log in or download content, they can now be required to approve site terms and conditions before proceeding. This is another tool that can be useful in your GDPR compliance. For full flexibility, terms can be displayed on every login and download, or only if they’ve changed since last.

[Terms and Conditions at Login] Documentation available here.

[Terms and Conditions at Download] Documentation available here.


Download quick renditions of individual document pages

Need an extract of a certain page in a document (Word, PowerPoint or PDF)? Now you can preview the document, skip to the correct page and request a quick rendition of it!

Documentation available here.


Improved Searching

With the FotoWare API, you can now search in multiple collections, for example, all archives to ensure all results are displayed. Moreover, a search result can cover the entire site with global searches, ensuring all your files are at your fingertips at any point.

Documentation available here.


OAuth 2.0 Authentication

OAuth 2.0 is now made available across the entire FotoWare suite and offers a standardized way of authorizing apps that integrate with FotoWare.

Documentation available here.

The Opportunities: The FotoWare RESTful API makes it possible for you to create unique custom integrations for your customers. With OAuth you can now authorize custom-made web or native applications for use with FotoWare, enabling you to scale your integration and customization offering. Through OAuth authorization and integration with authentication providers such as Azure AD, SAML and Windows Active Directory, the user login experience is streamlined and makes for a secure, future-proof solution.

We encourage migrating existing third-party integrations to OAuth 2.0 for improved user experience and security.


Adobe InDesign Plugin

The new Adobe InDesign Plugin, compatible with the latest version of Adobe InDesign, is now available to all SaaS instances. In the next couple of days, we will market this to existing customer via an email campaign. The Adobe plugin works the way you know it and offers improved features, including the possibility to link to the master asset rather than embedding it in the layout. We encourage you to go ahead and test it out and then pitch and offer it to your prospects and customers.

Enjoy these new FotoWare features!

Index Manager and Color Factory x64 Release

64-bit version of Index Manager and Color Factory are now available to upgrade!

MAY 7, 2018

Why 64-bit?
More files and indexes can be hosted on the same server allowing you to optimize hardware/costs.
Full support for Unicode file names and file paths in Index Manager.
Larger files! With the new 64-bits versions, huge documents, such as Gigabyte-sized TIFF or PSD files, can be processed.
Activation of an additional sync license for Index Manager to push metadata to MongoDB is no longer required.

Considerations when upgrading from a 32-bit to a 64-bit
Color Factory (build 800 and newer)
ODBC connections will need to be re-setup
Earlier (i.e. 32-bit) versions of Color Factory used 32-bit ODBC drivers to connect to databases. With a 64-bit version of Color Factory you need to reconfigure any system DSNs to use 64-bit drivers.

Index Manager (build 800 and newer)
Starting with Index Manager 8.0 build 800, the software is 64-bit. This document outlines important things to remember when planning the upgrade.

The new Index Manager’s configuration is compatible with your existing configuration
However, indexes will be built from scratch and stored in a new location. In a system with many assets, this requires you to plan a service window to give the indexes time to build.
The old indexes will remain in their folders, making it possible to uninstall the 64-bit version and reinstall an earlier 32-bit one if such a need should arise.
Future versions of Index Manager will be 64-bit only, so you will need to make the migration at one point or other. Bug fixes and security improvements will not be offered for the outgoing 32-bit version.

Index Manager Enterprise x64 supports “license stacking”
This means that several Index Manager Enterprise licenses (up to 4) can be activated on the same server to increase the number of assets that can be indexed. A single server can index 3 million assets (same as before), but by adding additional Index Manager Enterprise licenses a single server can now support up to 12 million assets. This will naturally have a bearing on the server’s hardware requirements, but it also means you may be able to host your entire archive on fewer servers than was possible in the past.

Consider hardware requirements
As the new Index Manager will build indexes from scratch the first time it starts, you should consider whether the drives where the index data is stored have sufficient available size. Memory requirements have also been adjusted – check the updated Index Manager system requirements for pointers.

How to remove old index data folders
After updating to a 64-bit version of Index Manager, the old index data folders that were created by the 32-bit version will still remain in the file system. These can be safely removed after the update to free disk space.

The following folders created by a 32-bit Index Manager can be safely removed after updating to a 64-bit version:
IM x86 …\Indexes\[Index Name]\IM_DATA\IM2_INDEX
IM x64 …\Indexes\[Index Name]\IM_DATA2\IM_INDEX



New FotoStation Client Update

A FotoStation Client update has been made available for FotoWare partners and can be obtained using

“Check for updates” in the FotoStation help menu.

MAR 1, 2018

FotoWeb Upload Sub Action
The FotoWeb Upload sub action enables you to upload assets to a FotoWeb server directly from within FotoStation.
In addition, when setting up the action you can select the destination archive and folder on the server. Metadata requirements are also honored, so if files lack required metadata, you will be required to fill it in before the upload begins, ensuring consistent information for your assets.
Uploads tracking is in place to allow you to resume failed or aborted uploads, whether to FotoWeb using HTTP or via FTP.
A new transfer state marker visualizes which files have been uploaded. This marker is enabled by default but can be disabled in the archive’s marker setup.
Documentation on FotoWeb Upload sub action



Faster Printing from FWP Archives
We understand that printing pictures from an FWP archive can take some time because the high-res has to be downloaded to the local FotoStation.
In this update, you can choose to print only a lower-resolution preview version when printing pictures in an FWP archive for faster processing.
Updated print documentation



Updated Security Settings
FotoStation Client now offers more fine-grained control over metadata editors. You can now
1) prevent users from modifying and selecting metadata editors other than the one configured by the system admin, or
2) let users choose from the available metadata editors but not modify them.
Documentation on Limiting access to program features

Natural Sorting of Macros
Metadata macros are now sorted in a natural order in the list views.


  • This update is made available to partners only, through Auto Update. This requires a partner NFR key.
  • This will not yet be communicated and/or released to customers
  • This release is only available in English. The public release will include complete localization.
  • See the Release notes for a complete list of bug fixes and changes/improvements



FotoWeb Feature Release 11

The next Feature Release of FotoWeb 8.0 is now available for download!

Dec 21, 2017


Crop & Download

We have combined two popular tools and created a new tool that simplifies the crop and download experience. Select your files, click Crop & Download, create a crop frame and then download. You can create and share presets to make the user experience even more streamlined, similar to the export tool. The cropping will not be applied to the original file stored in FotoWeb.

This is useful in situations where a tight integration towards FotoWeb is not yet in place and users are required to download files from FotoWeb at a given size and upload them to e.g. a third party CMS while matching the size requirements defined in that system.




Crop in Action

We have made the cropping tool available in workflow actions as well. This means that the actions can be configured to allow pro users to perform a crop before an asset is sent to a destination (FTP, File System or email) without affecting the original file stored in FotoWeb.

A potential use case for this feature is in an editorial workflow where an image editor suggests a crop of a subject in images and sends them directly to layout. Layout will then receive the cropped images and can place the ready-processed images directly into an InDesign article.

Show your customers how it works:





User identities in Actions

Actions can now be configured to send assets that include information about the user who executed the action. The information will be stored in the metadata of the processed files when enabling this option in the Operations Center. The original asset will not be affected.







FotoWeb users with permission to change site appearance will now be able to customize even more, directly from the main interface. These customizations include site logo, login logo, and CSS. The custom site logo will also be used in emails sent from FotoWeb. Also new is the possibility to change the page title that is shown when accessing FotoWeb in your browser.

Show your customers how it works:





Re-design of Pro user interface

The Pro user interface has been through a thorough facelift in Feature Release 11, and new improvements have been made for pro users. Changes include the following:

  • Recent searches are available when clicking the search bar
  • Expandable pin bar
  • Icons in action list
  • Cover image in album list
  • Fullscreen preview with next/previous controls and metadata preview.





We have added the possibility to print assets directly from our user interfaces. The configured built-in fields such as Title, Description, and Tags will be present together with the preview when a single asset is printed. It is also possible to print an album which would print all thumbnails and their corresponding filename.





Other improvements

      • Different encryption secrets per site
      • Support for PIWIK analytics
      • API for metadata view is now public
      • New fields in base metadata configuration

    – Field 425: Publisher (Dublin Core)
    – Field 426: Format (Dublin Core)
    – Field 427: Type (Dublin Core)
    – Field 428: Expiry Date (Dublin Core Terms)
    – Field 429: Access Rights (Dublin Core Terms)
    – Field 430: Audience (Dublin Core Terms)
    – Field 431: Product Name (IPTC Extension)
    – Field 432: Genre / Concept (IPTC Extension)



    Connect 8.0 Has been released

Dec 12, 2017

  • Connect 8.0 fully supports file transfers to and from Index Manager FWP 2.0 Servers. This gives you increased flexibility with Index and Workflow servers locations, allowing them to reach each other across the internet. The transfers can now be done completely without access to file shares, and with greater reliability and consistency than FTP transfers.This allows Connect to become a strategic solution for your customers’ transition to cloud. Using Connect, you can now start building workflows that moves files to the cloud, or migrates archives to FotoWare’s SaaS offerings. This version of Connect will be fully compatible with our Managed Index Service, POOL, when we launch it.

New! Index Manager as channel destination
The FWP 2.0 powered Index Manager destination allows you to transfer files directly to Index Manager servers anywhere in the world.HTTP Only Index Manager source with FWP 2.0
The Index Manager source is now improved with support for HTTP only connections using FWP 2.0Support for older versions of Index Manager is still maintained, but will require access to the file shares as before.




Announcing FotoWare 8.0

Never has digital asset management offered this many features to increase the value of your assets.

Jul 06, 2015


A Complete and Easy-to-Use Digital Asset Management System with new powerful features:

  • Responsive
    New responsive and touch-sensitive interface
  • Albums
    Create and manage individual collections with the new album feature
  • Taxonomy
    Browse your assets with powerful taxonomy structures
  • Collaboration tools
    Interact and discuss specific assets or entire collections of files with online comments
  • Actions & Markers
    Execute Webhook posts to any web server with Actions and Markers
  • CMS integration (optional)
    Publish pictures directly from EpiServer, WordPress, eZ Publish and other CMS systems.
  • Audio & Video module (optional)
    Supports virtually all containers and codecs in any browser, with flexible download options.


A powerful workflow client & advanced Digital Asset Management system:

  • Batch mode
    Work in batch mode when you transfer or process assets, edit metadata or approve content
  • Automation tools
    Automate and schedule powerful custom workflows, actions and metadata ingestion
  • Markers
    Identify special attributes and asset groups with visual labels
  • Search and filter
    Intuitive search, filter and sorting options turn selection processes into fun
  • Drag and drop
    Organize files by drag and drop to albums, actions, the selection panel or the pin bar
  • BookmarksSave your search status as a bookmark – all used search words, filters and archive selections are saved


Announcing FotoWare 7.0 Service Release 6

Apr 12, 2012

An easier route to great pictures

With the new CMS Export module for FotoWeb, any picture in your FotoWare Digital Asset Management system can be used on your website or intranet solution. Size, crop and improve your pictures to really make them stand out. Revoke pictures manually or set a date when the pictures should be automatically revoked. Go ahead and make your website shine with great pictures!

FotoWeb HD for iPad


Access your assets from anywhere with FotoWeb HD for iPad! Search or browse archives, and view the contents of individual folders in archives. Check the quality of pictures with the image zoom. Make selections and share them on a FotoWeb Screen to review your picks with your colleagues. Rate and prioritize pictures and send them to other users or systems in seconds. Create several upload jobs, each with different metadata requirements.

New mobile UI
Use any mobile phone or tablet to search, browse and preview content in FotoWeb archives. Browse individual folders in an archive. Scroll infinitely through your assets without having to navigate between pages. Check image quality with the image zoom, display image metadata and use the map view to see where the pictures were taken. There are also several different grid layouts to choose from.Improved navigation
Infinite scrolling has been introduced in the FotoWeb Classic interface. This means you can scroll through your assets without having to navigate between pages. When you reach the bottom of the grid, new thumbnails will be loaded automatically to let you keep on scrolling. The grid page also automatically adjusts to your browser size. This navigation method is now available in all FotoWeb user interfaces!

FotoWeb for Android
FotoWeb for Android lets you search and browse archives on the FotoWeb DAM server, preview and zoom in on high-resolution pictures and read file metadata. Upload files from your phone and add metadata to them in the process.


Announcing FotoWare 7.0 Service Release 5

Jun 4, 2012

We are very excited to announce the release of the FotoWare suite version 7.0,Service Release 5. The update contains a number of new and exciting features, which we are confident that you as a professional will appreciate

New template set for public sites in FotoWeb
FotoWeb gets a completely new set of templates that are designed specifically for public use. The templates will give the users a completely new experience. For those who publish images or other data to inexperienced FotoWeb users, the new templates are easy to use and understand. The templates can be set up to search in many archives simultaneously, and the user can monitor the number of hits in each archive (Enterprise version only).

We have also introduced infinite scroll, making browsing through large archives or hits much easier than jumping from one page to another. The new public templates also work seamlessly on handheld devices like iPad and iPhone (Responsive Design), and the enhanced zoom tool also works on iOS devices.

Read more about the FotoWeb public template set

Improved workflow control in FotoWeb
FotoWeb now boasts a new workflow module that lets you edit metadata before delivering files to a destination. Required metadata fields can also be set and work similarly to FotoStation. We have also made it easy to add the same metadata to several files when running them through a workflow. The new workflow module is also substantially faster than the previous version.

Automatic geotagging in Color Factory
Pictures that are processed in a Color Factory channel can now automatically receive geodata (GPS based coordinates) based on the Country/City information found in the metadata. If the image already contains GPS coordinates, Color Factory will insert Country/City and exact location.

SSL Support
With SR5, IP communications between all FotoWare applications support encryption. This implies that client-server communication is transferred in encrypted form, and the same applies to communications between e.g. Index Manager and FotoWeb servers. Connect also supports secure connections to FotoWeb and Index Manager archives.

Finally, server configuration in the Operations Center can also be SSL-enabled to add security throughout the system.


Instant access to your media bank provided by new iPhone App and Adobe Extensions

May 26, 2011

In the upcoming Service Release 4 of version 7.0 FotoWare introduces new features and functions that will facilitate the access to, and workflow capabilities of your preferred FotoWare media bank, FotoWeb. The web based Digital Asset Management solution is reaching out to all relevant users of a DAM system, and makes it quick and easy to search and retrieve images and graphics, and place them straight into your document.

New iPhone App for instant access to pictures and media files
With FotoWare’s new iPhone App media professionals can access their archives from anywhere with their iPhone. They can search and browse archives, and professionals out in the field can add metadata to new pictures, and upload to the FotoWare server. Users can get alerts on their iPhone when new pictures from any source arrive, – thus articles can be updated up to the very last minute before deadline.

New integration with Adobe Creative Suite
FotoWare’s new Extension for Adobe CS5 makes it quick and easy for Graphical Designers to search and retrieve pictures and graphics from the FotoWare archive inside the user interface of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Adding pictures and graphics to an InDesign document has never been quicker and easier than this! Finding the correct picture for enhancement in Photoshop, and the corresponding graphic in Illustrator for editing, is just as easy.

Just like the FotoWare plug-in for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint that was introduced in Service Release 3, the new Extensions provide access to the FotoWare media bank inside the native application. Users with login can therefore take advantage of FotoWare’s powerful search technology and find the desired file without leaving the well-known Adobe user interface.



Fotoware release integration with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Sep 16, 2010


FotoWare offers a very specialized and complete solution for storing, processing, retrieving and distributing digital media files, including audio, video and images. Microsoft has opened the possibility for other providers to supplement the Office suite with additional functionality.

  • You no longer need to leave PowerPoint or Word when searching for visual elements to support your presentation!
  • Search in any internal or external FotoWeb archive inside the PowerPoint and Word interface!
  • Resize, crop and rotate the file when dropping into PowerPoint and Word!
  • Save even more time by quickly adding your most used files to a list of favorites.

“Office applications allow users to process media files, but our solution is more specialized for this, more complete and provides much better workflow. We enrich the Office suite by giving FotoWare users a professional tool available via the toolbar. With one click they get a task panel where they can search and find media files in both internal media databases and external photo agencies,” says Mr. Syversen.

FotoWare Release Version 7

Nov 23, 2009

FotoWare presents version 7.0 of the FotoWare product suite containing new groundbreaking and high speed opportunities.

In the re-designed FotoWeb 7.0 the new image processing engine enables on-the-fly image processing and delivery. When a user requests to download a file or order it using the shopping cart, preset profiles control file format and color space conversion, resampling (useful if you don’t want to download a 300-megabyte TIF file), custom watermarking and application of unsharp mask.

The new FotoWeb Upload Tool allows you to select any number of files to upload using a standard system dialog box and send them all off in a single operation.

Connect 7.0 is the new file transfer automation server from FotoWare. It monitors multiple inputs and distributes files from local or network folders, FTP sites, FotoWeb servers, and email servers.


New in FotoWare 7

  • Bringing FotoWeb up-to-speed
  • Focusing on usability
  • Dynamic user experience
  • Consistent appearance and behaviour
  • Fewer interfaces/screens (pages)
  • Adding important features

Custom File Delivery & Download

Deliver custom files to each user

  • Subset of functionality found in Color Factory
  • Processes files on-demand
  • Integrates with download and shopping cart
  • Supports resizing, color conversion, sharpening, watermark, and file format conversion
  • Integrates with Color Factory for more advanced processing

Improved FotoWeb Interface

All the user need – in one window

  • Direct access all system tools applied directly on the file selected
  • Lightbox for quick selection and processing of multiple files
  • Quick navigation and browsing of system archives
  • Direct and fast fowarding, transfer and workflow

Improved PDF Support

Native built in PDF Support

  • Adobe Acrobat not required on the server for PDF support
  • Faster indexing and preview generation
  • High quality thumbnails and previews
  • Previews of every page in a document
  • On-demand generation of previews
  • Color conversion of all PDF elements

Improved Speed & Flexibility

TCP/IP Socket connection to Index Manager

  • Improves speed in “slow” networks
  • High-resolution files can be write protected
  • Eliminates dependency on SFM for non-image file formats
  • All access is traceable (security)
  • Retains access to the high-resolution file for integration with other applications

Workpads – Work Faster With Projects

An entirely new way of organizing files

  • Users can keep multiple windows open
  • Drag’n’drop from main window to add to project/workpad
  • Layout of workspace is saved
  • Can be printed, shown through FotoWeb

Projects – Designed for Collaboration

Projects compatible between Mac/Win/Web

  • Infinite number of projects
  • Easily search to find projects
  • Projects can be published as “Events” in FotoWeb
  • Color Factory won’t purge files that are in a project

Improved Video Support

Flash (FLV) & Windows Media file format support

  • Add metadata to video files
  • See thumbnails and previews
  • Play video files in clients

Dynamic End-User Oriented Interface

End-user customizable web interface

  • End-users can define the layout of the thumbnail grid
  • End-users can define the information to be displayed for each file in the thumbnail grid
  • End-users can define which information and metadata to be displayed in the preview


FotoWare Release Version 6.0

Dec 1c, 2007

FotoWare helps newspapers, public services and corporate customers to find, process and share their images and documents. With millions of licenses sold in ten different languages since 1994, FotoWare plays a pioneer role in the industry of Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Today FotoWare announces the transition to full XMP metadata support with the release of FotoWare version 6.0. XMP fits perfectly with FotoWare’s philosophy and indexing technology platform, and is fully compatible with existing installations. The shift from IPTC to XMP metadata support in all FotoWare applications opens new opportunities to the users. Metadata can now be added to any kind of file type, making it fully searchable by a FotoWare system. The multi-lingual support of XMP allows users to write and search for metadata in any language, a function warmly welcomed by international media houses and global players in the corporate market.

What’s all this talk about XMP?

Put simply, XMP is a standard for storing metadata in files. In the past, FotoWare systems have relied on IPTC for storing information with files, a standard which has proved to have many limitations, particularly because it has only been partly compatible with many new file formats. With XMP, however, metadata can be added to any type of file.

For FotoWare, XMP has proved an absolute treat. It has allowed us to retain backwards compatibility while incorporating native support for the new standard throughout our product range. From a user’s point of view, the transition is completely transparent. When adding metadata to files that don’t support XMP data written directly to the file, an XMP sidecar file containing the metadata will be created and follow the file wherever it goes in the FotoWare system.

But we have taken the benefits of XMP a step further: By taking advantage of the multilanguage support in XMP, businesses operating in several countries can effortlessly add metadata in several languages, and it is possible to choose between searching only within a certain language or across all languages.

  • Extends IPTC
  • Backwards compatible with IPTC
  • Add metadata to any type of file
  • Full multilanguage support – write and search for metadata in any language
  • Fully compliant with the XMP implementation in Adobe products
  • Future data exchange standard
  • Stay compatible