FileTrain 6.8.18 released

June 16, 2017

The latest release of FileTrain comes with the feature of handling SFTP with a public key. This is a safer way of handling file transfers between FTP-servers.

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Cargo 3.2.2 released

May 16, 2017

We are releasing version 3.2.2 today. This version is now available for everyone running Cargo 3.x. For details, please contact Laidback Solutions or your reseller.

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FileTrain 6.8.17 released

Mar 31, 2017

FileTrain 6.8.17 is released. A couple of fixes for binary files in combination with certain FTP-servers is included in this version.

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Cargo – Take control of your workflow!

Nov 17, 2009

Are you receiving lots of files to your organization?
Are you working with outsourcing that requires that you share files with someone on the other side of the world?
Ever felt that it takes you too long to find the file that the customer just sent you?
Have you ever felt that sending large files via e-mail or FTP is a problem?

Cargo is the perfect solution for you and your organization!

Cargo from Laidback Solutions sets a new standard when it comes to sending and receiving files. This new groundbreaking solution gives you the ability to build your own professional looking web forms for your customer. Your customer only has to fill out the information that you need internally, select the file and press send. It’s as easy as that. No special FTP client, no more problem with sending large attachments via e-mail with no or little information.

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Laidback release Feedback Solution

Nov 17, 2009

Feedback analyses images in a layout and creates reports based upon copyright status of images. If you are using copyright protected images in your magazine or newspaper, there is big chance that you have someone spending endless hours on filling in and writing reports. Feedback can automate the entire process for you, which will free up many hours or even days.

With Feedback you simply point to a folder that contains all your InDesign documents or QuarkXPress projects for the current issue. Once Feedback has analyzed all images you log into the Feedback web interface to create your custom report depending on what information the picture agency needs.

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Laidback Solutions release FileTrain 5

Nov 1, 2008

FileTrain is the file transfer and communication robot that will import, forward and distribute using e-mail accounts, FTP, network folders or the web, and further put the right file in the right place using automatic features.

FileTrain 5 is released and comes with lots of new features to make it easier automating digital workflows:

  • Completely rebuilt interface – easier and clearer.
  • Easier to configure.
  • Much improved overview of the different workflows created.
  • E-mail may now be used as a source for files. Version 5 can get files from e-mail, folders and FTP-servers.
  • Improved error handling, every action can be handled individually if needed.
  • Many more features for filtering, e.h. what PDF-version is used, trim boxes of PDF´s and filtering using IPTC-data.
  • Special filters built for image handling where EXIF-data and IPTC-data or color space can be used for filtering.
  • Built-in notification feature which can be used for notifying customers using e-mail.
  • Handling of MP3-files using ID3-tags (ID3v1 and ID3v2).
  • Call and run Applescripts or shell scripts automatically.

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