vjoon supports ACS to implement its workflow

June 26, 2018

• Increase of efficiency by vjoon K4 upgrade and additional tools

• Flexibility through XML Exporter

• Different server systems and databases

The American Chemical Society (ACS), established in 1876, is a leading provider of chemical and scientific information to its member base of over 150,000 subscribers.

When the ACS looked to upgrade its content presentation across all media – print, web, and mobile – upgrading vjoon K4 played a significant role in the success of the project. Their member benefits magazine, “Chemical & Engineering News” (C&EN) distributed to subscriber base, evaluated a number of alternative print and digital options. None of the alternatives were able to offer the benfits of vjoon K4 – ease-of-use, flexible workflows and the ability to integrate with their existing platforms. The ACS decided that in addition to upgrading the vjoon K4 system, taking advantage of some of the newly introduced tools and modules that vjoon K4 offers would help to add efficiencies of their delivery of content destined for print or web – or both.

Print content is generally delivered to the online platform following the print run, however, using vjoon K4’s XML Exporter tool and refined content transforms, vjoon K4 is now used for posting web exclusive content, print content the staff wishes to publish prior to the print run, as well as the update of its weekly print content from C&EN.

C&EN uses a vast network of remote writers and editors, so the upgraded solution had to account for the staff in Washington DC as well as home-based users across the United States. Deciding to move from a Microsoft Word-based workflow to Adobe InCopy and vjoon K4 has helped by both standardizing the content, as well as streamlining the workflow as the production editors and graphic designers place content on Adobe InDesign pages. Using Adobe InCopy with standardized templates has furthered the ease of delivery of XML to the web content platform.

Since the design starts in vjoon K4, once text is placed on the page, vjoon K4 allows both designer and editor to collaborate simultaneously. The writers and editors – or any other users with the appropriate permissions – are able to add images and related content to the article for the designer and approvers to review.

“We had already upgraded our web content management platform (WCM) to Adobe’s AEM, so we were focused on how we could prioritize a ‘digital first’ workflow without sacrificing any of the efficiencies we’d been using vjoon K4 for,” said Kim Bryson, C&EN’s Director of Operations. “Along with the upgrade, we decided to use vjoon K4 to tag content and organize metadata, allowing us to export clean XML, producing more accurate content – with fewer staff in less time. We’re able to get breaking stories on the website faster than ever.”

In addition to the production efficiencies, Bryson noted how the collaborative nature of vjoon K4 allows their staff to work together, no matter where they work. “vjoon K4 helps our staff, who are located all over the U.S. and the world, to stay connected and on task with an accurate picture of the status of story production.”

vjoon K4 demonstrates its flexibility with XML and Open Architecture

The American Chemical Society uses vjoon K4 to publish its content to several sources – increasing its revenue stream on existing content. While much of the C&EN content is produced primarily for its member-benefits magazine, there are countless articles that are converted to XML to be monetized on its journal platform as well.

“We needed a solution that would allow to repurpose our C&EN content on other platforms, making
that content available in a form that our other platforms and media could easily bring into their systems”,
noted Amanda Yarnell,  Editorial Director. “When we upgraded vjoon K4 and started leveraging vjoon K4’s XML Exporter, we were able to provide our writers easy to use InCopy templates, and that helps us easily transform our content through XSLT with the requirements of all our platforms in mind.”

vjoon K4 database architecture and OS support has helped ACS IT staff comply with company requirements and directives. vjoon K4 supports all the major platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux – and all major databases – MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

John Blanchard, Director of Global Publishing Services at ACS, noted vjoon K4’s open support of SQL databases has been a major factor in the ACS’ adoption and retention of vjoon K4. “The ACS runs a lot of Linux servers where we can, but we often run MS SQL Server to take advantage of our expertise with Microsoft Enterprise products. In addition to that and other priorities, vjoon K4 fits well within our Enterprise Architecture.”

ACS will be at the Association Media & Publishing Event in Washington, D.C. from 25th to 27th June 2018 with exciting guest contributions and speeches.

vjoon K4 Version 8 Supports Adobe CC 2018, Features Two New Modules

April 10, 2018

• Enhanced user experience with Java-less browser access: K4 KickOff

• Import articles automatically: K4 Drop Folders Advanced

• Speed up jobs: Batch Start Workflow

Now in its eighth generation, the latest version of vjoon K4 supports Adobe CC 2018 and features two new modules. Many details have been refined to streamline tasks and simplify working life. Version 8 is now available worldwide across vjoon’s global partner network.

One of the two new modules is called K4 KickOff. Browser- and technology-agnostic, it conveniently connects various vjoon K4 modules and third-party solutions by way of a central client. The second new module, K4 Drop Folders Advanced, makes it so much easier to import articles, for example, from a Web CMS or Word documents. And a new function named Batch Start Workflow expedites multi-object workflows.

Following in the footsteps of the popular vjoon Overset Manager and vjoon Notes Manager plug-ins, the entire publishing platform supports Adobe CC 2018 with Version 8. These two small yet very effective plug-ins help authors and editors write text to fit, easily spot overset, and quickly navigate through notes. Both plug-ins are available as free 30-day trial versions.

Enhanced UX: K4 KickOff
Featuring a state-of-the-art UI, K4 KickOff is the new dashboard for everyone tasked to work on content. It treats writers, editors, project managers and the head of production to an unprecedented user experience. Remarkably easy to handle, K4 KickOff frees publishing staff of many of the constraints imposed by technologies at the user level.

Browsers are getting increasingly restrictive and technology-dependent. Some no longer support Java. IT departments have to remain vigilant, constantly checking and updating users’ browsers and all their many extensions. The new vjoon K4 client connects the K4 Overview, K4 Web Editor, K4 File Manager and K4 Admin modules to a central hub, regardless of what browser happens to be running on the computer and without having to enable Java in the browser. It also accommodates third-party solutions such as JournalDesigner and Timone page planning systems, or email clients.

K4 KickOff readily adapts to the customer’s requirements. Icons, titles and descriptions may be replaced and the startup configuration can be set up as the user sees fit when the client launches.

K4 Drop Folders Advanced to import articles from Web CMS
The new K4 Drop Folders Advanced module automates the routine for importing articles. It converts text-based file formats such as .doc, .docx and .txt into HTML or ICML on the fly during the upload. The company does not have to have a dedicated Adobe InDesign server on hand to do this. Once this automated routine imports files in HTML format from web content management systems for example, they are processed further in HTML mode, but may also be converted to ICML. Either way, the integrated customizable wrapper assigns objects, uniform structures and formats to provide the perfect package for downstream editing.

This straightforward yet efficient way of connecting a Web CMS to vjoon K4 affords users some very convenient options. They can automatically port articles that were drafted in programs such as WordPress and Drupal to vjoon K4, add styles as they see fit, and edit content that much faster.

Batch Start Workflow to expedite tasks
The new Batch Start Workflow feature accelerates the workflow for multiple objects in a layout. One command is all it takes to launch a workflow for all selected objects; say, multiple images in a layout. This streamlines and speeds up routine tasks to lighten the workload.

vjoon K4 Version 8 R1 is available now from official vjoon integration partners.

New vjoon K4 Version, Integrated with Twixl Publisher

Mar 23, 2017

• Premium-quality mobile apps thanks to vjoon K4’s integration with Twixl Publisher

• Secure login: Single sign-on for the entire platform

• Amazon Cloud access: New data centers, higher performance

vjoon GmbH today presented Version 7 R3 of its multichannel publishing platform vjoon K4®. This latest release is integrated with Twixl Publisher to enable content marketers and publishers to edit and publish all their content in one professional, highly automated ecosystem centered on vjoon K4. With the benefit of single sign-on, users can log in to the system and automatically access all vjoon K4 modules with just one strong password. This version also makes it easier to connect with new Amazon data centers, which in turn facilitates vjoon K4 data management in the cloud. Customers are free to choose the data center that best suits their needs at any time to fully enjoy the higher performance that comes with improved cloud services.

High-quality mobile apps for Twixl Publisher:
Readers want premium-quality content. They don’t like to comprise simply because it is delivered to a smartphone or tablet. And they want their reading material to be enriched with videos, galleries and other interactive features. Compelling visuals and high-resolution images are expected on every device. vjoon K4 helps streamline and automate content publishing without adversely affecting the quality of the presentation. Its lean publishing capabilities allow content marketers and publishers to port their designed content via Twixl Publisher to mobile apps ― quickly, easily, in rich detail and in the proper resolution. What’s more, vjoon K4 paired with the Twixl solution can make the publishing process even more robust and reliable. For example, the user could opt to integrate Extensis® Universal Type Server® to add powerful font management capability to the toolset.

Holger Kraemer, Director of Business Development at vjoon, comments: “Readers of mobile devices demand high-quality content. With Twixl on board, publishers and marketers can easily port this kind of content from vjoon K4 into a mobile app ― quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Secure login with SSO:
Users seeking even more convenient access to vjoon K4 multichannel publishing platform may enable single sign-on for the various vjoon K4 modules. With SSO, one authentication per session with the password and name is all it takes to access all resources. vjoon K4 takes care of the rest with an encrypted login performed in the background on a central server. K4 Overview, K4 Approval Manager and any other module configured in the system may then be launched without having to log in again. Using a single strong password rather than several weak passwords saves time and enhances overall security.

Higher performance with new cloud data centers
This version of vjoon K4 also optimizes data management in the Amazon Cloud. A key advantage of this cloud service is that Amazon is constantly adding new data centers, especially in hubs of commerce and industry, to meet growing demand for cloud services, cut latency and boost performance. With vjoon Storage Engine and Amazon S3, customers can access the data center that best suits their needs whenever they wish. With this new release, it is even easier to react on Amazon’s growing network of data centers to enjoy even better performance in the cloud.

Watch the video about the Twixl Publisher integration

Agile Data Management with vjoon Storage Engine

Nov 3, 2016

• Leaner database, faster recovery

• Data management in the cloud or on-premises

• Different business models to meet different needs

Media companies, agencies and marketers generate much of the world’s growing data volume. These enterprises need instant access to a mounting pile of content and publishing data, as well as speedy recovery in the event of an emergency. This is why agile, responsive data management is so critical wherever information is archived, be it in a company-owned network or in the cloud. Now the new vjoon Storage Engine is here to help IT teams make the most of agile data management.

A new concept in data storage: leaner database, faster recovery
In multichannel publishing and content marketing, the data load grows heavier with every added output channel. And rising demand for high-resolution images and videos further exacerbates an already challenging situation. To protect the integrity of all this information, companies need a management tool that can handle vast amounts of data and restore the database promptly in the event of a failure. This is what vjoon Storage Engine is here to do. It streamlines and simplifies the storage and management of vjoon K4’s publishing data and markedly speeds up recovery.

Taking snapshots of these data is simply a matter of pressing a button or triggering a scheduled automated routine. Using vjoon Storage Engine will shrink the database and even vast numbers of snapshots require little storage space. Data are recovered quickly in the event of an emergency and the publishing workflow can be promptly resumed. All processes take place in the background so as not to impede graphic designers, content writers and editors’ efforts, freeing these and other users to focus fully on the work at hand.

It’s up to the customer: in the cloud or on-premises
In-sourcing IT has its benefits. Infrastructure can be run by company staff or provided as a managed service. Local networks are very fast and provide the means to isolate mission-critical data. On the other hand, customers who opt for Amazon, Microsoft, Google or other cloud services enjoy great flexibility at lower CAPEX and OPEX. Computing performance and storage space are remarkably scalable, and can be upped at the touch of a button to keep pace with the company’s growth. And with S3, Amazon offers a special type of object storage in the cloud that lets customers store and retrieve any amount of data, anywhere in the world.

Companies that opt for vjoon K4 and vjoon Storage Engine are free to run their publishing workflows and maintain all data on their in-house IT infrastructure. They may also use Amazon’s highly scalable, cloud-based object storage for vjoon Storage Engine. Or they can port the whole package, vjoon K4 and vjoon Storage Engine, to the cloud. This freedom of choice puts media companies, agencies and marketers back in the driver’s seat when it comes to their IT strategies.

And whatever choice they make, they are sure to reap the benefits of agile data management in vjoon K4 and vjoon Storage Engine.

“vjoon Storage Engine breaks new ground. With this innovative solution, we are offering an efficient means of handling the steadily growing quantity of data generated when content is produced”, says vjoon GmbH CEO Andreas Schrader. “This new storage engine helps companies practice agile data management in the cloud and on their servers.”

Watch the video about vjoon Storage Engine

vjoon K4’s New Approval Management: Go or No-go with a Quick Click

October 6, 2016

• Speed up promotional materials production and content marketing projects

• Approve layouts and their contents via a browser client

• Automate the use of template components

vjoon GmbH today released Version 7 of its cross-media publishing platform vjoon K4®. Featuring two new browser-based approval management modules, it affords brands, agencies and publishers the opportunity to produce content in a remarkably intuitive way. Version 7 also offers an added measure of convenience when working with templates. Now automated routines can extract frequently reused content such as corporate design elements or even the structure of entire articles out of the template and embed this content in the workflow.

Simplified decision-making, faster feedback with approval management
Decisions have to be made at key junctures in publishing workflows, for example, to grant approvals at short notice or make minor corrections. In many enterprises, such decisions are often made by people who otherwise rarely work with the publishing system. K4 Approval Manager and K4 Web Editor ICML Advanced were developed specifically to expedite this process. These modules enable executives, marketing directors, purchasers and the like to review layouts and content to determine if they meet specifications and their expectations. They can make their verdict known in a flash—a simple mouse-click is all it takes to give their go or no-go. This makes it so much easier to coordinate with agencies and service providers and handle content across departmental and company lines. It accelerates approvals and gets feedback that much faster, thereby saving time and cutting costs.

K4 Approval Manager enables designated decision-makers to approve individual layouts and even entire layout sequences using an intuitive, browser-based interface. K4 Web Editor ICML Advanced adds another layer of simplified approval management on top of K4 Approval Manager. This separate and independent entity was designed specifically for approving individual text objects and images. However, the two modules interact. For example, a product manager can update prices and edit descriptions in K4 Web Editor ICML Advanced and then request approval from the given line manager, who then receives an email with a clickable URL that automatically opens this layout in the browser-based K4 Approval Manager. The line manager can view the entire layout at a glance and make the decision without further ado.

“Marketing and product managers often have to make quick decisions to determine if their promotional and marketing materials comply with specifications and contain the right product information, pictures or prices,” says vjoon GmbH CEO Andreas Schrader. “With the new approval management in vjoon K4, they can get the picture at a moment’s notice and make that decision with a single click.”

Lightening the workload with the automated use of template elements
Maintaining a consistent look and complying with the given corporate design rules across all media is imperative for every brand. This is why enterprises frequently reuse logos, images and even entire layout grids in printed publications and digital channels, especially for public relations and promotional purposes. For example, if an agency wishes to format an offer to match its corporate style guide, it can simply launch the workflow with a stored template. This also triggers the appropriate workflows for recurring objects such as logos, dummy texts and sample images. Links to recurring objects are retained. All this takes place automatically to lighten the day-to-day workload and save considerable time. Users enjoy the same benefits for all recurring sections of financial reports, employee newspapers and any business collateral that provides information on products.

The latest version of vjoon K4 is available now.

Watch the video about vjoon K4’s new approval management

vjoon signs DPCI as an Integration Partner in the U.S. Market

Apr 26, 2016

Veteran content technology companies deepen strategic ties to offer superior multichannel content technology integrations for publishers and content marketing firms throughout the United States.

vjoon, a leading developer of software solutions for managing digital content and the maker of vjoon K4®, has signed DPCI as a direct integration partner in the U.S. market. DPCI is a veteran multichannel technology integration firm with 17 years of broad experience connecting print and digital workflows to organizations’ content management platforms.

New and existing vjoon customers throughout the United States will be able to leverage DPCI’s broad experience in integrating vjoon K4 with other innovative solutions such as Drupal content management system, Entermedia digital asset management system, Adobe AEM Mobile, Adobe InDesign Server, and other state-of-the-art multichannel technologies.

“In the past year, vjoon asked to step up our relationship so that we could offer a more strategic technical partnership, given our expertise in interrelated content technologies,” states DPCI President and Founder, Joe Bachana. “We had been working with vjoon K4 for nearly a decade, so this is a good fit for the portfolio of technologies that we offer.”

With this partnership, vjoon continues to expand its global network of highly qualified industry experts for integration and services. vjoon K4 facilitates secure and efficient collaboration, highly automated workflows, an easy-to-handle administration and delivery of content to any channel. vjoon maintains an impressive list of famous American publishers such as American Lawyer Media, Bloomberg, Condé Nast, McGraw-Hill Education, ESPN, National Geographic, Rodale, The New York Times, Wenner Media and many more. Some of them, as for example The Daily Racing Form and the United Federation of Teachers, already benefit from DPCI’s extensive expertise in integrating Drupal with vjoon K4 to manage website content.

“Our strategy is to further enhance our global network with selected partners that add special capabilities,” said Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon. “With its broad expertise in vjoon K4 and interrelated content technology, DPCI will enable publishers and content marketers to quickly convert to new collaboration strategies resulting in lean and agile production environments.”

The partnership is effective immediately.

vjoonity 2016: A Drone in Flight, Version 7 and New Data Management

Feb 23, 2016

•    Next-gen software: vjoon K4 Version 7

•    A new module for browser-based approval processes: K4 Approval Manager

•    Data backup and recovery at the touch of a button: vjoon Storage Engine

•    Amazon S3: all data in the cloud

It was the twelfth time vjoon invited an audience of experts to attend presentations of real-world solutions, share experiences, and network at vjoonity. Some 150 publishing and marketing specialists heeded the call. The drone flying over the audience’s heads during the Swiss agency Medianovis’ presentation was certainly spectacular, but the day’s biggest highlight was the unveiling of the latest-generation vjoon K4. Version 7 was treated to a major facelift, and now comes with many new features and a new module enabling effortless approval of layouts and articles in a browser. Another focal point was the presentation of the vjoon Storage Engine, which lets users back up and recover data on the fly and at the touch of a button.

The new software generation with K4 Approval Manager and vjoon Storage Engine
The new K4 Approval Manager streamlines coordinative workflows by enabling layouts and page elements to be approved in a browser. This benefits many companies, and most of all those that need to coordinate their content across departmental or even company lines, for example, when working with agencies. Thumbs-up or thumbs-down—CEOs, CFOs, marketing managers, purchasers and project leaders can determine if text, images and page layouts meet their specifications and expectations, quickly and conveniently, in a browser without requiring InDesign.

What’s more, Version 7 also comes with a powerful data management entity, the vjoon Storage Engine. It meets the pressing need for the means to rigorously downsize databases, to back up data on the fly, and to quickly recover these snapshots when needed. The customer is free to decide if data are archived locally, in the Amazon S3 cloud, or even in mixed environments. More details on vjoon K4 Version 7 and the vjoon Storage Engine will be released in the weeks ahead.

In the spotlight: award-winning success stories
The SIEMENS annual report drafted by the media service provider ccs.Tirol has garnered accolades for being the best integrated report and for its efficient production. What makes this solution special is that vjoon K4 serves to automatically format the entire financial report for the Federal Gazette database so it can be delivered for publication with remarkable speed. The FOX Special Award for Workflow Efficiency went to ccs.Tirol for this efficient publishing process.

The tech-savvy audience looked on in amazement as a drone took flight over their heads in an indoor air show staged by the Swiss media agency Medianovis. Its small team uses vjoon K4 and Adobe DPS for a bilingual magazine commissioned for the wandern.ch project to promote hiking, and drones to produce exciting videos for its apps. As a content marketing agency, Medianovis relies on vjoon K4 for its projects and has won many awards for its outstanding products. The breakout sessions featured presentations on professional font management with the integrated Extensis Universal Type Server and advertising media production with vjoon K4 and EasyCatalog at Globus, a specialized DIY retailer. In another session, the agency b:13 demonstrated a vjoon K4 template’s ability to automatically generate layouts for several different publications directly from InCopy, in compliance with rules of a stringent style guide.

Comments on the event:
“Topics such as approval processes and data management figure prominently in users’ day-to-day business. With vjoon K4 Version 7, K4 Approval Manager and vjoon Storage Engine, customers can make these key workflows even more efficient than ever before. And all that positive feedback at vjoonity tells me that the new concepts hit the spot,” says vjoon CEO Andreas Schrader.

“With vjoon K4, we can automate tasks that were once labor intensive. The SIEMENS annual report is now published in record time in the Federal Gazette. We’re on an innovative path here, as the award and the positive feedback from other vjoon K4 users at vjoonity go to show,” says ccs.Tirol CEO Claus Heinrich.

ProzessPiraten CEO Tobias Heimpel: “Efficient IT support is elementary in the digital age. It is gradually permeating practically every flow of everyday life. But beware: Technology is merely an implement for putting visionary ideas into practice. The ways in which IT and technology create space for these ideas were shown at vjoonity.”

Wrap-up and evening event:
An interesting day chock-full of real-world success stories, new products and a glimpse of the future wrapped up with an evening get-together on the panorama deck of EMPORIO Hamburg’s 23rd floor. Guests gathered at the buffet to meet, greet and swap stories, letting the day wind down while taking in views of the city and the port of Hamburg.

Latest vjoon K4 Version Simplifies Publication of Financial Statements

Oct 8, 2015

• Excel handling: Tables and figures stay up to date with instant refreshing

• Image handling in InCopy: Crop and position, replacing

• Font management: On board with integrated Extensis Universal Type Server

• Adobe Creative Cloud: CC 2015 and shared content for DPS supported

• Regional adaptation: Japanese localization

vjoon GmbH, a leading provider of software solutions for managing digital content, has released the latest version 6.10 R2 of its cross-media publishing platform vjoon K4®. This new release ships with many features designed to optimize workflows for publishers and enterprises, particularly for financial statements. While the preceding version had already supported anchored images—that is, pictures that go with the text flow—in the layout, R2 now offers the same feature for placed Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. What’s more, images can now be modified by the editor or copywriter directly in InCopy without requiring a layout designer’s assistance. And now that the platform has been integrated with the Extensis® Universal Type Server®, reliable font management is an exercise in convenience. As of this release, vjoon K4 supports the latest Adobe CC 2015 version and HTML libraries used in any article can now be managed as shared content for Adobe DPS 2015. A localized Japanese version has also been released in response to growing demand for vjoon K4 in Asia.

Images handled in InCopy; Excel spreadsheets and Word documents go with the flow of the layout
Many magazine publishers simply can’t do without anchored images and tables that are locked into the flow of the layout. This is also a must-have capability for financial statements where sentences and paragraphs refer directly to figures in charts and tables. Late amendments and additions to these reports are nothing unusual. With version 6.10, these images and tables can be conveniently managed and anchored at any point in the text. The pictures and tables simply go with the flow when text is edited or amended, even when entire paragraphs are shifted. These anchored objects are not just limited to artworks; they can also be Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and video clips.

In addition, images can now be handled directly in InCopy. Free to crop, position, and replace images as they see fit, editors and copywriters are no longer as reliant on layout artists or graphic designers and, for that matter, on InDesign. The figures in Excel spreadsheets such as balance sheets and P&L statements anchored in the layout are always kept up to date. The view in the layout is refreshed when figures are changed in Excel. Financial reports are so much easier to publish with version 6.10’s optimized workflows and GUI.

Watch the video here http://bit.ly/1JUo3n6 .

Integrated with the Extensis Universal Type Server for ultra reliable font management
The right fonts are crucial to rendering documents correctly; the wrong fonts can wreak havoc on a design. Regardless of how well a program handles fonts and how skilled the designer may be, the output document will not be true to the designer’s intent and vision if the selected fonts are unavailable. Quality is a key issue for enterprises and publishing houses alike, and time and costs are of equal concern. Publishers need workflows that deliver print and digital publications faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Automated publishing processes involving many fonts are now far more reliable and efficient with the benefit of the newly integrated Extensis Universal Type Server. When a layout is opened in vjoon K4, the InDesign file is scanned for FontSense information. If the InDesign server is up and running, precisely these fonts are automatically selected in the Universal Type Server via Extensis Font Link™. An alert is given if any font use exceeds licensing. Now that the two systems are integrated, the automated workflows in vjoon K4 can serve to verify fonts in any publication, thereby minimizing errors and avoiding delays for companies that use many fonts. The benefits of this function are greatest for documents that vjoon K4 processes automatically in the background. “The integration of vjoon K4 with Extensis font management solutions represents significant advancements in quality, time and cost savings for automated publishers,” said Toby Martin, Vice President of Development & Strategy at Extensis. “Response from customers indicates this will solve the serious problems fonts can inflict upon the publishing workflow. We’re excited about the difference our collaboration can make for this industry.”

The latest concurrently released version of axaio MadeToPrint fully supports vjoon K4’s newly integrated font management capabilities.

Adobe CC 2015, shared content and Japanese localization
vjoon K4 version 6.10 R2 (and higher) supports Adobe CC 2015. The components of HTML-based DPS articles can thus be handled as shared content in DPS 2015 environments. Frequently used items such as fonts, logos, video clips and background images designated as shared content can be accessed that must faster to conserve resources and bandwidth for storage and display. Such shared content is uploaded automatically to DPS.

vjoon K4 has been adapted for the Japanese market in response to its growing popularity in Asia. All clients, including K4 Overview, have been localized for use in Japan. Layouts are rendered in the customary style; that is, in keeping with local reading habits and bookbinding practices.

NYC Font Seminar: 
Reliable Font Management for Enterprises and Publishers

Sep 15, 2015

vjoon and Extensis are set to present the first result of their strategic partnership in the area of font management today live in New York City. Now that the Extensis Universal Type Server and vjoon K4 have been integrated, corporates and publishers have a highly efficient solution that enables fonts to be managed with great accuracy in automated workflows. As convenient as automated routines and agile publishing processes are, they do present one major challenge for editors, especially in professional content marketing projects: These creative processes usually involve many different fonts and typefaces, so it takes a flexible and powerful tool to manage all the variables. This integration solves that problem, bringing a remarkable measure of reliability to the publishing process and saving time and money that would otherwise have to be devoted to workflows and licensing issues.

“There is a great deal of interest in efficient font management in the area of professional publishing,” says Holger Kraemer, Director of Business Development at vjoon. “That’s why we’re delighted to present the integration of Universal Type Server with vjoon K4 here at the NYC Font Seminar.”

More efficient workflows with automated font management
The fonts chosen by designers for layouts have to be available at the end of the publishing chain to ensure documents are rendered correctly. The wrong font can be an eyesore, especially in layouts as sophisticated and highly creative as those featured in premium magazines such as WIRED, published by vjoon K4 customer Condé Nast. If the selected fonts are unavailable, the aesthetics of the entire design will suffer. On top of that, companies and publishers’ time and budgets are tight, so they need workflows that deliver print and digital publications faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

With the benefit of this new integration, automated publishing processes involving many fonts are indeed far more reliable and efficient. When a layout is opened in vjoon K4, the InDesign file is scanned for Font Senseinformation. If such data are stored in the file, precisely those fonts needed to edit the document are automatically selected in the Universal Type Server via Extensis FontLink. The user is alerted if any font use exceeds licensing. And now that the two systems are integrated, the automated workflows in vjoon K4 add yet another capability to the feature set: They can verify fonts in every publication to curtail errors and delays.

Highlight event in New York
Extensis and vjoon will unveil the two systems’ integration at the NYC Font Seminar taking place today on September 15, 2015, in New York’s 3 West Club. This free seminar caters to agencies, corporate publishers, publishing houses and everyone else who wants a reliable way of simplifying their content publishing efforts.

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NYC Font Seminar: http://bit.ly/1XBdIY0
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About Extensis
Celebrating more than two decades in business, Extensis® is a leading developer of software and services for creative professionals and workgroups. Their solutions streamline workflows, securely manage digital assets and fonts, and control corporate typographic branding. Used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies, Extensis’ award-winning server and desktop products include: Portfolio® for digital asset management, Universal Type Server® for server-based font management, and Suitcase Fusion® for single-user font management. Founded in 1993, Extensis is based in Portland, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. For additional information, visit www.extensis.com

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Read the PDF here.

New vjoon K4 Release Optimizes Enterprise and Publisher Digital Workflows

Aug 6, 2015

Version 6.10 R1 includes integration with new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and simplified editing processes.

vjoon GmbH has released version 6.10 R1 of its vjoon K4® cross-media publishing platform. One of the highlights of this release is that it comes fully integrated with the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS). vjoon K4 will extend the features of the latest version of DPS. What’s more, interactive content for a variety of mobile devices can be created right along with HTML-based DPS articles. With this capability, vjoon K4 streamlines the workflow effort to save a great deal of time, especially for professional, process-driven digital publishing efforts. In addition, the new version simplifies processes within corporates and editorial workflows. If a task is assigned a user as part of the workflow, he will receive an email notification containing a description of the task and an URL. All the user has to do is to click this link and the assigned asset will open in the right client, be it a browser-based web editor, Adobe InDesign®, InCopy® or another program. Teams consisting of in-house staff and outside contributors who work less frequently in vjoon K4 also enjoy the support of a simplified user interface in K4 Web Portal. More complex features used by other contributors in the workflow are suppressed to strip K4 Web Portal down to a lightweight editor.

The new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution: Taking digital publishing to the next level

The latest version of DPS provides more flexible design options to corporations and publishers for their apps. vjoon has worked closely with Adobe for years, and as such is able to incorporate and extend the new concepts and capabilities of DPS for use in professional workflows. In addition to a host of new capabilities, users still have all the familiar proven features at their disposal when working with the latest DPS, for example, parallel and automated uploading from vjoon K4. Customers are thus assured a smooth transition. Adobe and vjoon demonstrated the many advantages of this integration live to an appreciative audience in mid-June during the vjoonity in New York.

“vjoon has been working with Adobe on powerfull DPS integrations ever since 2010. The combination of its publishing system and DPS is enhancing the opportunities for our joint customers,” said Nick Bogaty, Head of Digital Publishing, Adobe. “We are delighted that vjoon is at the forefront again with support for the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution from day one. Customers with professional, process-driven workflows will clearly benefit from DPS and vjoon K4. These tools enable marketers, corporates and publishers to create and publish compelling app experiences.”

Structures from different collections can be created in more flexible ways in the latest DPS version, and vjoon K4 is able to generate these new, more complex structures in their entirety. If the customer uses multiple systems, vjoon K4 can also populate predefined data structures, thereby freeing the user to focus on creating content. Easily configurable automated routines determine how the new structures are prepared and delivered. vjoon K4 embraces and extends the idea behind DPS, for example, by enabling content to be delivered to multiple independent projects for publication.

A DPS project can also be populated with content sourced from several vjoon K4 publications and even from different servers. And with that, vjoon K4 affords users the opportunity to create publishing kiosks with any type of structure. What’s more, an issue comprised of a mix of the ICML and HTML publishing formats frequently used to create content can be uploaded to DPS. This enables customers to combine painstakingly designed, pixel-perfect layouts with automatically generated, template-based HTML articles and hand the entire package over to DPS. vjoon K4’s automated routines source all the information needed for DPS-driven projects from the usual metadata and transmit it to DPS.

HTML and responsive design
A comprehensive toolset for creating HTML-based DPS articles is provided to make the most of vjoon K4’s integration with DPS. With these extensively automated tools, content can be adapted to fit and delivered to digital devices. To this end, vjoon K4 contains various styles and effects so users can get started with it practically out of the box. These preconfigured sets readily adapt to personal needs, for example, to support responsive designs. Depending on the configuration, the user has many options to choose from. Work can commence from any starting point, for example, by adopting existing articles from a print edition, or editors can work digital first by capturing content directly via the K4 Web Portal. This empowers corporates and publishers to craft sophisticated content for various devices and treat their users to a compelling reading experience.

Simplified user interface and anchored objects
Corporates, especially, need their workflows to be simple and fast. Corporate publishing projects may involve top executives, general and divisional managers, employees at remote offices, and freelancers. Many of these people seldom have the opportunity to work with the system and often do not have time to undergo extensive training. The new version of vjoon K4 makes editing and sharing content so much easier for these groups of users. When a new task is assigned a user in a vjoon K4 workflow, he will receive notification as usual via email. What’s new is that the mail contains a link that takes the user directly to the given article. If the article is then opened in the K4 Web Portal, the user will be presented with a self-explanatory, streamlined user interface. All functions required for editing are available and can be used intuitively. This vastly simplifies and accelerates editing, fine-tuning and approvals for financial reports, product sheets, price lists and the like.

Anchored images and artworks are essential to publishing business reports and books. These elements are managed and versioned by vjoon K4 and can now be anchored within or alongside text columns. The new version also allows workflows to be fine-tuned with even greater precision; for example, workflow-independent tasks can be made available to certain users only in designated situations.

“With vjoon K4 version 6.10, we are the first to offer a professional workflow solution that is fully integrated with the new DPS,” says vjoon CEO Andreas Schrader. “We have also taken the concepts of DPS further to now offer additional digital publishing benefits to enterprises and publishers.”

New features at a glance:
– Integration with the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS)
– Simplified access to articles via URL in emails
– Simplified user interface for working in a browser
– Anchored images and artworks for business reports and books

The new release of vjoon K4 Version 6.10 R1 is available from vjoon’s integration and distribution partners.

Additional links:
The new Adobe DPS Integration – www.bitly.com/NewDPS
Follow vjoon on Twitter – www.twitter.com/vjoon
Watch our videos – www.vjoon.tv

About Adobe Digital Publishing Solution:
With the all-new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS), design and creative teams can easily create beautiful mobile apps without writing code. Using DPS, organizations can drive deep engagement through mobile app experiences, use flexible publishing capabilities to continuously connect with users, and deliver measurable business impact through apps—all with an enterprise-grade platform from Adobe. Learn more at www.adobe.com/go/dps

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vjoonity americas 2015 Wrap-up

Jun 19, 2015

Exclusive preview of the next-generation Adobe DPS, workshops on making the most of workflows, and a presentation of the upcoming version of vjoon K4 featured prominently at this year‘s gathering.

Some 120 publishing experts met on June 18 at vjoonity Americas in New York City to explore the latest developments in digital publishing and efficient workflows. Adobe and vjoon teamed up to present one of the focal points of the event, an exclusive preview of the next-generation Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) and its integration with vjoon K4. Longtime vjoon user Condé Nast International gave an account of the firm’s experience as an early adopter. Commenting on these developments, vjoon CEO Andreas Schrader said, “It’s not just that we have supported the latest generation of Adobe DPS from day one; we’ve also optimized vjoon K4’s integration to facilitate efficient publishing for smartphones and tablets. At the same time, we enable our customers to transition smoothly to the new Adobe DPS.”

Hands-on workshops on how to make the most of publishing processes
Concurrent breakout sessions were held to present ideas and practical solutions for resolving various issues encountered in day-to-day publishing workflows, all of which aim to improve processes. Brett Hawkins of American Lawyer Media (ALM) and Scott Dunn from Flux Consulting presented various scripts that were incorporated into the workflow at ALM and fine-tuned to interact with vjoon K4 modules. This combination puts even more powerful tools at users’ fingertips and lightens the workload by eliminating a lot of manual effort. Juan Lauro Aguirre, CEO of vjoon partner Dalai, presented his company’s comprehensive performance analytics solution, an application tailored to vjoon K4. It enables decision-makers and project managers to track the publishing process, compare metrics, pinpoint bottlenecks and take remedial action in real time, on the spur of the moment. This way users enjoy the benefits of continuous improvement as envisioned in the Unified Publishing Process, the company’s initiative to streamline workflows and transform publishing into a lean, agile endeavor. Another workshop focused on a related topic, page planning and ad scheduling. To this end, host Dr. Jochen Franzke from dataplan staged a vivid demonstration showcasing JournalDesigner and vjoon K4’s remarkably efficient interaction.

New release simplifies approvals
Another eagerly anticipated conference highlight was the presentation of the upcoming vjoon K4 version 6.10. This release’s integration with the new generation of Adobe DPS was a major talking point, but that was not the only news that merits a mention. Version 6.10 also simplifies approval processes within enterprises and puts external users into the approvals loop. The procedure is an exercise in convenience: The user with the authority to approve the given content gets a URL via email. A single click takes that user directly to the article, which can then be opened in the K4 Web Portal, for example. This portal presents a streamlined GUI that provides just the key functions needed for quick and easy editing. It comes in very handy, especially for agencies that prepare business reports, because decision-makers at the client company—CEOs, CFOs, department heads and the like—are so easily integrated into the approval process, and it keeps the workflow lean. What’s more, users who seldom access the system, and take advantage of few of its many capabilities when they do, are spared the effort and expense of training. Another new capability is essential to publishing reports and books: Entrained images—that is, pictures that go with the text flow—can be now anchored within or alongside text columns. The new version also allows workflows to be fine-tuned with even greater precision, for example, to refine user direction. Now independent tasks can be linked to a status so that only specific users are presented with certain tasks that need to be done at this stage of the process.

Outlining the firm’s medium-to-long-term product strategy, Andreas Schrader talked about development projects and the various milestones along the way. Attendees were keen to learn more about these efforts as they factor customers’ needs, industry trends and the firm’s innovations into the R&D equation.

After a day of interesting presentations on a variety of topics, the conference wrapped up with an evening event where guests engaged in spirited discussions over drinks and snacks at the Apella Event Center on the banks of New York’s East River. The vjoon community will convene again soon, on November 6, 2015, at vjoonity Europe in Hamburg.

New vjoon K4 Version 6.9 R3: 
Generate HTML-based DPS Articles for Smartphones in Seconds Flat

Apr 29, 2015

Latest release even more tightly integrated with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and social media.

vjoon GmbH, a leading developer of software solutions for managing digital content, has rolled out the new release 6.9 R3 of its cross-media publishing platform vjoon K4®. The firm extended its latest version of vjoon K4 with many features that simplify and accelerate digital publishing workflows. What’s more, the system is now even more deeply integrated with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). HTML-based articles may be generated automatically for smartphones’ varying display formats and uploaded directly from vjoon K4. Publications may even feature a mix of articles; that is, editors can combine custom layouts with HTML-based articles at will. This release also comes with easy-to-customize style sets. Formatting HTML articles is an exercise in convenience with these style sets. On top of that, content may also be delivered directly to Facebook as this version is now integrated with the world’s largest social network. The earlier version had already been linked to Twitter, so this is its second integration with a popular social media platform.

Freedom of choice: Print first, digital first or digital only
Publishers, corporate and otherwise, seeking to create digital editions for smartphones have two options. They can convert the layouts of their printed editions, which involves a lot of painstaking effort. Or they can choose to have the publication converted automatically into formats that are optimized for smartphone displays. If they opt to create a faithful digital copy in InDesign, they will have to perform the extra work it takes to adapt the digital edition to each display’s format. An HTML article does not require this extra effort as it will be delivered in the best format for each type of smartphone. Publishers who choose to work with HTML templates can take advantage of highly automated conversion routines to pursue a digital-first or digital-only strategy. All they have to do is generate content in K4 Web Editor HTML, K4 Web Editor ICML or Adobe InCopy, and then have vjoon K4 convert it into HTML-based DPS articles. Such articles are uploaded automatically to Adobe Folio Producer. All the various platforms’ display formats are available. Follow this link to view a video explaining the possibility of this innovative publishing workflow: bit.ly/K4DPS .

Tapping the full potential of every article:
vjoon K4 makes the most of the various file formats’ benefits. For example, the combination of HTML and CSS is best for adaptive dynamic content that can be seen in every web browser. Layout-based articles, on the other hand, are created in InDesign so that editors have all the creative leeway to design the visuals as they see fit. The latest release of vjoon K4 Version 6.9 R3 enables users to publish DPS editions featuring combinations of article-based and layout-based content. In other words, vjoon K4 bridges the divide between two very different workflows, one being the usual method where pages that were painstakingly laid out for printed publications are converted to digital formats, and the other being the automated method of generating articles in HTML format using predetermined article styles. Publishers benefit greatly as this slashes the costs of preparing digital editions. HTML-based DPS articles may be delivered to any type of tablet.

Article-Styles and HTML:
Users may select among predefined article styles to format headings and apply rollover and many other visual effects in vjoon K4 to the given article. These styles later serve to display the HTML article on the device. Editors can quickly and easily compose the article using K4 Object Labels to mark the various areas at the earliest turn, while creating the pages for the printed publication. These labels serve as signposts, offering much clearer orientation throughout the publishing workflow. Later, when the HTML file is generated, they automatically determine where effects will be used applied—without any usual intervention. vjoon K4 ships with a set of article styles that can be used immediately or customized to suit the user’s needs.

Integration with Facebook:
An earlier vjoon K4 release was integrated with Twitter; this release adds Facebook, the world’s largest social network, to the roster. It may be accessed directly from vjoon K4. This latest version enables users to initiate dedicated workflows for postings, add images and preset delivery times. For example, editors can post teasers and ads for upcoming articles and prepare downstream digital publications for delivery after the printed edition’s release.

New features and capabilities at a glance:

DPS integration:
– Combinations of layout-based and HTML-based DPS articles in the same issue
– Article styles included, ready for immediate use and customizable

Read the PDF here.

vjoon and Aysling Build Strategic Partnership in North America

Apr 15, 2015

Industry heavyweights join forces to offer broad experience and streamlined content management solutions for corporate publishing and content marketing to cover the U.S. and Canadian territories.

vjoon, a leading developer of software solutions for managing digital content and maker of vjoon K4®, has signed on as both integration and development partner with Aysling, a provider of digital publishing and marketing software solutions for publishers, retailers, corporations and agencies.

Customers will recognize immediate benefits from the partners’ broad experience in developing and integrating software for small businesses to large enterprises. vjoon K4, the award-winning unified publishing platform, combined with Aysling’s Juggernaut CRM and MagHub, will provide a solution not previously available on the market. Best-of-breed solutions including Web CMS, social media, project and page planning, archiving and digital asset management put this platform at the forefront for corporate and custom publishers.

“vjoon K4 is perfect for corporate publishing and content marketing,” said Patrick Becker, CEO of Aysling. “Adding it to our portfolio is the logical next step for our business, and integrated with Juggernaut CRM for customer management, our solution is unique within the industry and can’t be replicated by any other technology firm in our space.”

With this partnership vjoon is expanding its global network of highly qualified industry experts for integration and services. vjoon K4 facilitates secure and efficient collaboration, highly automated workflows, DAM features, an easy-to-handle administration and serves any output channel. With famous corporations such as BASF and Red Bull Media House, renowned agencies working for Audi, Credit Suisse, Infinity and SIEMENS or the Federal Finance Administration of Switzerland, to name a few, vjoon K4 already has a proven track record in efficient and award-winning annual report and corporate publishing productions in Europe. You will also find the “who’s who” of American publishers like ALM, Bloomberg, Condé Nast, McGraw-Hill Education, National Geographic, Playboy Enterprises, Prometheus Global Media, Reader’s Digest, Rodale, Rogers Communications, The New York Times, Transcontinental, TVA, Wenner Media and many more on vjoon K4’s customers list.

“We are very excited to have Aysling join our roster of partners,” said Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon. “Their expertise over the last ten years in providing successful solutions to corporate publishers is exactly what we need to add to extend our brand in the Americas.”

The partnership is effective immediately.

Read the PDF here.

vjoon and Extensis Announce Strategic Partnership for Streamlining Font Delivery in Automated Publishing

Mar 18, 2015

vjoon, a leading developer of solutions for managing digital content, announced today it is partnering with Extensis to integrate font management into vjoon’s industry leading publishing platform. vjoon K4® is globally renowned as the ideal cross-media publishing platform for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently. Companies across the world including Condé Nast International, Hubert Burda Media, BASF, Red Bull Media House and many more, use vjoon K4 to produce and publish content for print, web, tablet or mobile. With more than two decades in delivering font management solutions, Extensis helps companies centralize their font collections, banish font issues and protect organizations from costly compliance issues. This helps automate font management so teams can stay focused on the creative process.

“As fonts play an integral role in content development, Extensis and vjoon are working together to integrate font management into the publishing workflow”, said Osamu Ikeda, President and CEO of Extensis. “Given our shared mission to empower the creative process, we’re excited about how our collaboration will bring greater efficiencies to customers.”

“vjoon K4 helps media companies and corporate publishers to create content in an agile and efficient way. Our strategic partnership with Extensis will strengthen our common mission to help publishing professionals to utilize process automation and boost creativity”, adds Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon.

Further details of the collaboration will be released in the weeks ahead.

Read the PDF here.

New vjoon K4 Release: Version 6.9 R1 Embeds a Table Editor in the Browser and Features New DAM Capabilities.

Jan 20, 2015

The latest version of the cross-media publishing platform extends vjoon K4’s capabilities in the browser and plug-ins with some very powerful new functions. Unveiled at vjoonity europe, the continental vjoon user conference held in Hamburg, version 6.9 R1’s new features include a versatile Table Editor for one of vjoon K4’s browser clients, K4 Web Editor ICML. The application’s workspace management functions have been ported to the K4 Edit and K4 Layout plug-ins so that they are now available throughout the publishing platform. Added XMP image metadata management capabilities make it so much easier to archive and retrieve pictures. And with the addition of a direct link to Twitter, this cross-media publishing platform can now disseminate text and images via social media networks with remarkable efficiency.

A Table Editor and an more powerful search engine for K4 Web Editor ICML

Users have long been able to embed and manage Excel spreadsheets in vjoon K4. This latest release further extends their options for editing tables in the browser. It lets users work on tables directly in K4 Web Editor ICML, which comes in very handy for many tasks such as preparing annual reports in the browser. Commenting on the new version, vjoon CEO Andreas Schrader says, “At the most recent vjoonity europe, BASF impressively demonstrated how efficient Excel workflows can be with vjoon K4. The great interest in this presentation and the many people who attended it go to show how important these functions are to companies. This is why I am all the more delighted that the new table editing features make it even easier for our customers to draft annual reports.”

Legacy functions have also been refined to boost K4 Web Editor ICML’s performance as a browser client. A case in point is the improved search in K4 Web Editor ICML. It now indicates that the target text has been scanned and that the search will begin anew. In addition, the notes panel enables users to edit text comments in tables. On top of that, vjoon K4 administrators can fine-tune chat-like communication capabilities in documents managed by vjoon K4 with even greater finesse. And they can assign users rights to create, edit and delete K4 Sticky Notes – that is, the comments attached to layouts – to further simplify communication. For example a proofreader’s access rights may be restricted to reading only. These specific role assignments for each user apply to the entire platform, including K4 Edit, K4 Layout and K4 Overview.

Flexible XMP and workspace management in K4 clients

Media assets such as images and videos usually contain additional information in the form of metadata. These are stored in a reserved area of the file using the prevailing standard XMP. As of version 6.9, vjoon K4 can handle these data just like a digital asset management (DAM) application. The information is loaded to the vjoon K4 database, which users can use for research via a powerful full-text search. Even entire groups of assets such as all pictures taken by a specific photographer are found in a split second.

With this latest version, the complete workspace may be stored on the server to provide an orderly, well structured desktop to users and user groups across all clients with their menu preferences, keyboard shortcuts, viewing modes and tools panel settings remaining intact. This feature, newly introduced for the InCopy and InDesign plug-ins vjoon K4 Edit and K4 Layout, follows up on the workspace management capabilities that were rolled out for K4 Web Portal and vjoon K4 Overview with vjoon K4 Version 6.8. What’s more, users can hide unused InDesign and InCopy menu functions and manage their user profiles centrally in vjoon K4. Much like the customizable button bars in K4 Query and K4 Attachments panels introduced with an earlier version, this serves to streamline the GUI by reducing the options to commands that are actually needed, thereby freeing users to focus on the essentials and boosting productivity.

Social media link and scheduled automated tasks

Another major new feature affords automated access to social media networks such as Twitter. Tweets may be generated as ICML, HTML or metadata and published automatically. Approval processes and images can be added to the workflow on demand. Posts may be published at prescheduled times. Version 6.9 also allows all other automated tasks in vjoon K4 to be carried out at a predetermined date and time.

New features at a glance:

– K4 Web Editor ICML: Flexible table management in the browser
– Workspace management: Uniform environment across clients
– DAM capability: XMP metadata management
– Social media access: Direct link to Twitter
– Automated execution: Scheduling for automated tasks

Read the PDF here.

Publishing Industry Celebrates vjoonity in Hamburg

Nov 20, 2014

More than 140 publishing and marketing professionals from around the world were heeding the call of the vjoonity europe’s motto, “Get inspired. Share experience. Enjoy.” and convened at Hamburg’s Sofitel hotel for this year’s event. All these vjoon K4 users took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about hot topics, trends and especially vjoon K4’s new features. Intriguing examples of real-world applications at OB//CC – move36, Les Echos Publishing, LePoint, BASF, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Red Bull Media House figured prominently on the day’s agenda. The highlight of the afternoon was the product presentation of the upcoming version 6.9 of vjoon K4. vjoon CEO Andreas Schrader then presented the company’s roadmap, affording insights into its medium- and long-term product strategy. The conference wrapped up with an evening amidst of the Le Marrakech restaurant.

Content creation for smart phones and websites
The conference kicked off with a lecture on the psychology of the online experience given by Jens Lönneker, Managing Partner of the agency rheingold salon. Walter Lorz presented the magazine Move36, which takes a multichannel approach to reach a young audience and market its content with great success. Bertrand Salliou of Les Echos Publishing discussed the ways in which his company uses vjoon K4 to prepare its highly personalized print publications, generate content and deliver it to numerous websites. The final presentation centered on Le Point, France’s leading news magazine, which automated much of its digital tablet and smart phone publishing workflow, enabling a small team to quickly tailor and deliver articles to all the different channels. These presentations were followed by breakout sessions with BASF, Bloomberg Businessweek and Red Bull Media House that zoomed in on further topics such as exporting content to web sites, integrating the TELL TIMONE planning system with vjoon K4, and professional tips on using vjoon K4 managed Excel files in tables within business reports.

Comments from participants:
“As part of the Les Echos Group, we have a lot of customers in the services industry. With vjoon K4, we are able to not only create many customer and employee magazines with printed information, but also deliver this information to various websites in highly automated ways. This is primarily native web content rather than just recycled print articles. And the Web CMS merely serves as the layout engine for this purpose.”, says Bertrand Salliou Vice Director, Les Echos Publishing.

“vjoon K4 is the most flexible workflow tool for print or digital and we think vjoon K4 is one of the best DPS integrations!”, says Olivier Bost, Director IT & Multimedia Le Point.

“Red Bull Media House has worked with vjoon K4 for ten years now, and we are able to constantly improve and augment our workflows thanks to the system’s flexibility, for example, with the page planning tool TIMONE TELL. I presented this project because we are very pleased with the integration. Of course, we like to share experiences such as this with other users at the vjoonity, which is why I’m always happy to come.”, says Michael Bergmeister, Production Manager at Red Bull Media House.

“Our aim for the vjoonity is to share experiences and for our customers to take home innovative ideas. We also want it to be a fun day that promotes the community spirit,” says Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon GmbH. “The many affirmative responses from participants confirm that we are on the right track with this concept and that we made the right decisions with our long-term product and partner strategy.”

The upcoming vjoon K4 release
The next vjoon K4 release’s new features include an extended set of table features for K4 Web Editor ICML, XMP data management, cross-client workspaces and direct output to social media channels such as Twitter. K4 Web Editor ICML is part of the K4 Web Portal, and it enables users to work on tables sourced from InCopy documents in a web browser. This new function lightens the workload, particularly for people tasked to prepare financial reports, as they can now edit figures and text in the tables of financial statements conveniently in a browser without having to launch InCopy. On top of that, XMP image metadata may now be imported and managed professionally in vjoon K4. Following up on the K4 Overview and K4 Web Editor workspaces introduced with the preceding version, this latest upgrade adds workspaces to the Adobe InDesign and InCopy plug-ins K4 Layout and K4 Edit. This enables users and user groups to work in the same environment across all clients with menu and panel settings, keyboard shortcuts and viewing modes remaining intact. Another big improvement is vjoon K4’s automated access to social media networks such as Twitter. Tweets may be generated and published automatically from ICML, HTML documents or as part of an object’s metadata. Approval processes and images can be added to the workflow on demand. Posts may be published at pre-scheduled times. Version 6.9 also allows all other automated tasks in vjoon K4 to be executed at a predetermined date and time.

A casual evening and upcoming events
Customers, partners and the entire vjoon team travelled to the restaurant Le Marrakech for a casual evening event. The next vjoonity europe will take place in November 2015 at Hamburg, preceded by the next vjoonity americas in the summer of 2015 at New York.

Read the PDF here.

Bissinger[+] Opts for vjoon K4

Oct 9, 2014

vjoon, a leading global provider of software solutions for managing digital content, today announced that the media agency BISSINGER[+] has opted for vjoon K4 and is already using the cross-media publishing platform’s efficient, highly automated workflows to prepare Evonik’s media collateral. BISSINGER[+], set up in 2013 by Manfred Bissinger, is headquartered in Hamburg and maintains another office in Essen. vjoon’s integration partner SNAP Innovation installed the platform in a joint effort with long-time vjoon K4 customer KircherBurkhardt, Berlin, which also provides operating support, to include server hosting. Beyond that, BISSINGER[+] and KircherBurkhardt collaborate closely to create Evonik publications. Editorial design, infographics and digitization are all handled by KircherBurkhardt, which has used vjoon K4 for many years to deliver award-winning corporate publishing projects.

Commenting on the agency’s choice, BISSINGER[+] Managing Director Kim Alexandra Notz says, “The ability to rely on an efficient system makes all the difference, especially in a project as important and complex as the Evonik media family. vjoon K4 has been demonstrating its stability and performance for years in many CP projects, which made our decision easy.”

“We are delighted to welcome BISSINGER[+] to vjoonity, the global community of vjoon customers,” notes Holger Kraemer, Director of Business Development at vjoon. “With SNAP Innovation, BISSINGER[+] is trusting in a very experienced integration partner known for maintaining long-term customer relations.”

BISSINGER[+] took on the Evonik account in spring of 2014 and, after a great deal of conceptual brainstorming, revamped the media offerings’ look and feel. The makeover included innovations in journalistic style and design. Content marketing aspects, synergies and digitally adapted content were also factored into the equation. The agency handles the Evonik account’s entire media package, which consists of a customer magazine, an employee newsletter and digital offerings.

Additional links:

BISSINGER[+] Website – www.bissingerplus.de
SNAP Innovation Website – www.snap.de
Follow us on Twitter – www.twitter.com/vjoon
Watch related videos on our YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/vjoonk4
vjoonity (vjoon community) website – www.vjoonity.com

BISSINGER[+] is a media agency founded by Manfred Bissinger in 2013. Headquartered in Hamburg, it also has an office in Essen. The firm helps clients develop and implement cross-media communication strategies with services ranging from conceptualizing to realizing creative solutions in both printed and digital formats. BISSINGER[+] delivers results that pay into clients’ brands, creating something precious to be experienced and valued. The agency plays to its strengths by combining journalism, marketing and specialized skills to transform a passion for storytelling into story-selling. The firm’s management has more than 30 years’ industry experience and a resilient network to draw on. As an agile agency, BISSINGER[+] knows exactly which special skills are needed to devise communication solutions for clients. The firm teams up with strategic partner agencies skilled in conventional advertising, editorial design and digital solutions to cover the entire range of corporate publishing and content marketing services. BISSINGER[+] uniquely combines profound publishing know-how with the creativity and agility of a successful agency: Inquisitive and passionate, networked and committed, and always one step ahead!

About SNAP Innovation:
Founded in 1996, SNAP Innovation GmbH currently employs a staff of 20 at its Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich offices. SNAP is the leading system integrator for Adobe-based publishing solutions in the Germanophone region. The company’s key solution is the K4 Cross-media Publishing Platform from vjoon. SNAP has rolled out and put into operation more than 3,500 of these workstations since 2004. Publishers currently using SNAP solutions include Hubert Burda Media, DIE ZEIT, WAZ Mediengruppe, DVV Media Group, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Leipziger Volkszeitung, and Schwäbische Zeitung. Its customer base also comprises enterprises such as ADAC, Beiersdorf, HSH Nordbank or Vattenfall Europe.

Read the PDF here.

vjoon strengthens presence in the USA – Flux Consulting, Inc. joins vjoon’s Global Partner Network

Sep 12, 2014

Hamburg/New York City,

vjoon, a leading developer of software solutions for managing digital content, has signed a partner agreement with Flux Consulting, Inc. in New York City. Flux Consulting provides innovative technology solutions to help customers maintain a competitive advantage in both the print and digital world. A well-established provider of consulting, training, and integration services for professional publishers and corporate creative teams, Flux Consulting has been selling, integrating, and supporting  vjoon K4® for over 10 years. As a vjoon Distributor, the company continues to provide solid vjoon K4 workflow design and system integration services while demonstrating deep experience, insights, and strong expertise in transforming and exporting content from vjoon K4 to DAM systems or Web CMS. Their focus includes multi-channel publishing, workflow management, XSLT development for vjoon K4, ICML, and web (with emphasis on HTML, NITF, RSS, Prism, and EPUB,) as well as script development.

Flux Consulting works with a wide range of traditional publishers and corporate customers, leveraging their creative content for a variety of platforms and mediums: web, print, tablet, mobile and licensing. Flux includes among its customers many vjoon K4 users, such as American Media, Prometheus Global Media, The Deal, The Nation, and Yale Daily News – to name just a few.

“vjoon K4 is an incredible publishing solution and our customers will benefit in many ways from this new, direct partnership,” said Scott Dunn, founding partner and President of Flux Consulting. “As of today, we can provide one-stop services around vjoon K4, with a direct line to the software vendor.”

“As the United States is our largest market, we want to provide our customers a broad range of professional partners with individual expertise.” said Holger Kraemer, Director of Business Development at vjoon. “We look forward to working with the team at Flux Consulting, to help us further strengthen customer relationships and expand into new market segments.”

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About Flux Consulting 
Inc.Flux Consulting was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing innovative technology solutions to companies seeking to be the best in their industry. The founding partners are Scott Dunn and Jennifer Pade, specialists in bringing new publishing technologies to the workplace. Today, Flux delivers workflow consulting & integration, software training, support, and multi-channel publishing solutions to creative organizations working on a variety of platforms and media. Flux Consulting is an Adobe Partner and a distributor of vjoon K4® Cross-Media Publishing Platform, a powerful database system that integrates Adobe software (Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy, and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite) to deliver content to print, tablet, Web and other output channels.

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2014 FOX Special Award for Workflow Efficiency Goes to 
Siemens AG’s Annual Report Created with vjoon K4

Sep 5, 2014

This year ccs.tirol received the award for the exceptionally well made financial report of Siemens AG.

vjoon K4® customers are remarkably creative and successful as a host of international corporate publishing awards attests. This year’s takings were again impressive, but vjoon K4’s contribution often goes unmentioned. This was not the case at the 2014 FOX Awards when Siemens AG’s annual report won the Special Award for Workflow Efficiency. vjoon K4 was on stage with the service provider ccs.tirol to accept this honor. ccs.tirol prepares the integrated annual report for all media and to Siemens AG’s specifications using the cross-media publishing platform vjoon K4 in innovative and effective ways. The agency taps the application’s potential to maximize synergetic effects when incorporating print ads, video clips and corporate collateral, tying in the web and intranet, and delivering content to the business units and countries. vjoon K4 was also used to forge an innovative link to the Federal Gazette’s database enabling the required data to be exported automatically and in compliance with statutory provisions.

“The importance of corporate publishing in corporate communications is on the rise. A trend towards cross-media publishing is manifesting. We are very proud to have won an award for the exceptionally efficient preparation of the annual report of Siemens AG, which goes to show we are on the right track with vjoon K4,” said Claus Heinrich, CEO of ccs.tirol.

The winning solution:
A key management tool for many agencies and companies, vjoon K4 streamlines the corporate publishing workflow, providing assurance and transparency while affording editors the freedom to pursue to conceptual and creative ideas. The jury around Prof. Dr. Kreulich from the department print and media technology at the Munich University of Applied Sciences was impressed with the overall concept of the integrated annual report, its implementation and the connection to the interface of the Federal Gazette. The latter’s special format requirements presented quite a challenge in terms of the layout, but the vjoon K4 XML Exporter rose to the occasion with an automated process. The content of the annual report’s print edition was exported from vjoon K4, converted to meet the statutory requirements, and loaded to the Federal Gazette’s interface. vjoon’s integration partner mainblau GmbH from the greater Frankfurt metropolitan region provides integration services and technical support for the vjoon K4 environment at ccs.tirol.

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FOX Awards – www.foxawards.de/ 
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New vjoon K4 Release Featuring Optimized Web Clients and Workspaces

Aug 12, 2014

Version 6.8 of the vjoon K4® cross-media publishing platform optimizes the user experience in K4 Overview™ and K4 Web Portal™
Further new features facilitate day-to-day tasks and accelerate publishing processes.

vjoon, a leading global provider of software solutions for managing digital content, has released the new version 6.8 R1 of its vjoon K4 cross-media publishing platform. An optimized user experience and an extended set of automated processes feature prominently in this release. The central web clients K4 Overview and K4 Web Portal now offer much simpler, streamlined user interfaces and handling as well as several new features. Added workspace management capability now enables any user of any client to work in the same familiar environment. Workspaces may also be tailored to the needs of a group, enabling the collective to get the job done with utmost efficiency. Version 6.8 is also compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud. Visitors to the New York vjoonity have already seen the new version with all the added features in action.

Optimized web clients and workspaces
The technology, interface and functions of K4 Overview and K4 Web Portal (including the K4 Web Editor™ plug-in) were revamped with a user-centric focus. The most frequently used functions, based on user feedback and usability tests, have been reorganized to make handling even more convenient and intuitive, thereby accelerating publishing processes. A main objective of version 6.8 is to appreciably improve the user experience, as underscored by its new workspace management capability. Screen elements, searches and color assignments tailored to suit the user’s personal needs are now stored for later recall. When the software is launched again, for example, on another computer, these personalized settings are immediately loaded and the GUI appears with the accustomed layout. The head of production, each contributor, the project manager and even entire groups can not only work in K4 clients for Adobe InDesign and InCopy at any location with panels and tools configured to suit their needs, they can now also access their familiar user interfaces, tailored to suit their needs, in K4 web clients.

The new workspace management function also offers adjustable settings for sizing the layout thumbnails in K4 Overview. They are freely scalable as of version 6.8, so each user can determine a preset size for viewing layout thumbnails. What’s more, PDF versions of entire editions, and not just individual pages and layouts, may be generated at the touch of a button, either in low quality for quick review or as a full-fledged printable PDF.

New features at a glance:

– Optimized usability and an extended feature set in K4 Overview and K4 Web Portal
– Workspace management in K4 Overview and K4 Web Portal
– PDF export of entire issues or layout sequences from K4 Overview
– Scalable thumbnail view in K4 Overview
– Full text search with detailed references
– Improved picture handling (quick and effortless replacement of one for another, for instance, to get a    different image or higher resolution)

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Publishing in Any Tablet Format with vjoon K4

A quick, simple way of delivering digital content to iPads, Android tablets, and other future platforms, automatically reformatting page,
and benefiting from efficient endto- end processes throughout the production chain.

Oct 26, 2010

vjoon continues to resolutely implement the Unified Publishing Process, enabling easy multi-platform and multiscreen publishing for both media companies and corporate publishers. The integration of K4 with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite enables highly automated production of individual digital editions for diverse tablets such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, RIM Playbook, and other upcoming Adobe AIRTM-based devices.

The comprehensive E-commerce and Analytics Services beyond the Digital Publishing Suite are benefiting both media companies and corporate publishers. For one, they support flexible payment and merchandising models to monetize content directly, for example, via the Apple App Store and the Google Apps Marketplace. For the other, online analysis tools such as Adobe SiteCatalyst (powered by Omniture) provide a global means of assessing advertising effectiveness. They enable publishers to accurately track and rate usage behaviors, optimize their digital editions accordingly, and boost advertising revenue.

K4 customers like WIRED, The New Yorker, The Red Bulletin, bulletin by Credit Suisse and the German Wandermagazin already take advantage of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Professional publishers that would like to deploy and sell commercial applications prior to general availability of the Digital Publishing Suite are invited to join the Adobe Digital Magazine Publishing Prerelease Program.

These days, publishers face the daunting challenge of producing printed editions as well as digital editions in different page formats and for a wide array of mobile devices (iPad, Android tablets, and many more) – all at the same time and under great cost and deadline pressure. To do this in the digital era, publishers need solutions that enable them to elevate design as a competitive advantage, attract advertising customers, optimize publishing processes, drive down production costs, and support flexible business models. “Adobe’s new Digital Publishing Suite includes a spectrum of services and viewer technology to empower publishers to create, produce, distribute and commercialize their magazines,” said Zeke Koch, director of product management for Digital Publishing at Adobe. “The vjoon K4 publishing platform and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite allow professional publishers to efficiently automate the magazine application production process.”

“Publishing houses and corporate publishers are confronted with a huge and growing diversity of output devices spreading throughout their target groups. Consequently, the effort and costs of producing digital editions are skyrocketing, while marketing is just getting off the ground,” says Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon GmbH. “Adobe and vjoon saw these problems early on and developed pinpoint-precise strategies to solve them. The Digital Publishing Suite of services compliments the production processes enabled by vjoon.”

One of the many ways of enhancing productivity is to substitute automated processes for routine manual chores. vjoon K4 automatically converts individual pages into any format, also adapting styles and units of measure, for example, from millimeters to pixels. What’s more, automated processes in vjoon K4 can export individual articles or complete issues in the .issue file format to the Distribution Service of the Digital Publishing Suite. This lightens editors and layout designers’s workload, freeing them to devote their time and resources to realizing creative ideas. And it helps publishing houses cap costs because they can get all the extra work done without necessarily hiring more staff.

The production flow may also be supervised in a central web client. Its views show pages in the given target format, either as a single page, as double-page layouts, or as stacks. All the status information is also displayed. The editorin- chief, project manager, director, or executive can then post digital sticky notes with comments and revisions for editors and layout designers’s reference in Adobe InDesign or InCopy. If desired, they can even communicate by way of a live chat.

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vjoon Releases K4 Version 6.2 – Fully Compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 5

Apr 30, 2010

With today’s availability of Adobe Creative Suite 5 vjoon releases K4 Version 6.2, which is fully compatible with CS5. Publishers can immediately take advantage of the ideal combination of multimedia capabilities offered by K4 and Adobe Creative Suite 5 by including videos or picture galleries in dynamic layouts and publishing them into digital platforms like the iPad.

With vjoon K4 6.2, the Hamburg-based software developer enriches its Cross-Media Publishing Platform with handy features for more collaboration and multi-channel publishing – such as real-time chat communication with sticky notes across different clients, additional preview capabilities in K4 Overview Advanced, and alternative page designs.

“Digital editions are redefining the media-consumption experience and revenue strategies for professional publishers,” says Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon. “Regardless of the devices and strategies that a publisher chooses, with vjoon K4’s highly evolved workflow engine, publishers can efficiently manage and produce content for a variety of media and channels, including the iPad.”

Real-time collaboration

Because quick and direct communication through instant messaging has become commonplace in today’s working environment, vjoon gives creative teams a new tool for real-time collaboration and communication within the live document: The “sticky notes” feature in K4 6.2 integrates instant messaging into the production process – directly on the layouted page.

For example, an editor needs a layout designer to leave more space for his article, so he places a note on the layout that says, “Is it possible to scale down the image to make my text fit?” The designer, in return, can directly answer this question by posting a note maybe saying, “I am going to use a different image anyway and that will free up some space.” The sticky notes feature is also integrated with the browser-based K4 Overview Advanced, introduced with K4 6.2, which means the head of production can participate in the live chat on the document and can request changes to layouts directly from browser-based previews of the InDesign documents.

K4 Overview Advanced also enables members of the creative team to preview and pull proofs of layouts as they would look if all of the objects on the layout were updated – without needing anyone to open the document in InDesign. Using InDesign Server, the “prediction mode” of K4 Overview Advanced will pull in updated text and graphics onto a layout and make JPEG previews and PDF proofs that are accessible via a Web browser. With this tool, editors can, for example, pull proofs that show the effect of their edits without asking the InDesign operator to update the layout manually.

The new 6.2 release also enhances the creative team’s ability to manage alternative layout designs. If uncertain which photo of a celebrity or story will make the cover, for example, layout artists simply link different designs to the layout within K4 6.2. This feature allows for producing any number of different layout designs in parallel – with changes to source articles and photos updated on all of the layout designs from the database.

K4 Overview Advanced makes it easy throughout the creative and production cycle to indicate and change which layout is the preferred design. “Publishers want the freedom to create content without having to decide in advance where it will be published,” says Linda Bruce, vice president of enterprise sales at MEI, vjoon’s K4 distributor for the Americas. “K4’s cross-media, multi-channel workflow engine streamlines the process of tailoring content to the requirements of each individual output channel. For organizing work-in-process content and managing cross-media workflows, vjoon K4 truly has become the central hub within the editorial and creative production environment.”

The 6.2 release of vjoon K4 is available immediately worldwide through vjoon’s network of distribution partners.

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