Cargo from Laidback Solutions sets a new standard when it comes to sending and receiving files. No special FTP client, no more problem with sending large attachments via e-mail with no or little information.

Take control of your workflow

This new groundbreaking solution gives you the ability to build your own professional looking web forms for your customer. Your customer only has to fill out the information that you need internally, select the file and press send. It’s as easy as that.

When you need to be in control
The Cargo system consists of several modules depending on what type of user you are – Cargo Customer, Cargo Sender, Cargo Staff and Cargo Admin.

Cargo Customer interface is the web form (Flash) interface that your customers will access when they want to upload a file to you.
Every organization is different, therefore we decided to let you create your own web forms that are being used for uploading of files.

We also took into consideration who the “uploader” would be,
often a creative person who really likes a nice looking interface.
With this in mind, we built a drag & drop interface into our Cargo Admin interface, this way everyone can truly build their own professional looking web forms in Flash.

Cargo staff
This is the interface that your internal users will use to work and route files with. The Staff interface lets you monitor all incoming files – doesn’t matter where they came from – via the Cargo web form, FTP, a folder or via an e-mail, all of them can be monitored via Cargo Staff.

On the left side you will see all the input sources or even just a folder, in the middle you have a simple list of all jobs that has been received and on the right side you’ll see metadata and more detailed information of what it is that you are looking at.

You have different views depending on what type of task you are performing, maybe you are matching ads that have come in with your ad booking system (e.g. Atex or Tieto), or making sure that all files have come in for a certain job.

Cargo Sender
Not everyone likes to work via a web browser, especially not if you are about send many files or if you are a frequent user.

Cargo Sender is a small desktop application that is built with Adobe AIR technology. You download it once, connect and login to the Cargo Server and you will see the exact same forms that you would see via a browser.

If a form is changed or added, that will automatically show up in Cargo Sender as well. Cargo Sender also gives you some extra functionality that you do not have via the ordinary browser, like stop, pause, resume and being able to check what you have uploaded in the past.

Cargo Sender lets the user simply drag & drop their files on to the applications main window, click send and off they go.

Cargo Admin
Since everything that has to do with a user interface in Cargo is a web tool, we decided that also the admin part should be done via a web interface. This makes it as easy as possible for all parties to administer the system. From Cargo Admin you set up your users, groups and group admins. This setup is very friendly for the large customer – imagine if you have a big media company with let’s say 5 newspapers, 30 magazines and 3 TV stations, if you only have one superuser admin – there will be a lot of questions to him or her.

Now we can have one group of users for each magazine, and each group has their own admin. This means that group admin can add users and build profiles etc. This has proved to be very efficient.

Cargo web form is what your customers will see when they reach your website to upload files. Every company wants to have different look-and-feel to the web form. Our online profile-builder (web form builder) allows you to easily and quickly build your own forms in Flash. It’s a simple drag & drop interface that anyone can use.