ColorMan from Laidback Solutions is an invaluable tool when you need to find the fastest way from camera to professional print. By integrating Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress with Color Factory, ColorMan produces high-resolution images optimized for printing when they are mounted in your layout.

Convert images from QuarkXPress or InDesign

Using low-resolution images during layout work can be vital to create an effective workflow. Being able to convert these images to printable images really fast can be equally important.

ColorMan makes this possible making layout work easier and much faster and giving benefits such as more time for layout and later deadlines for choosing images.

Easy to use
When an image is placed, rotated, resized and cropped in your layout, just mark the image, choose your repro channel and the job is done. The optimized version of the image is remounted automatically within seconds in exactly the same place.

Quality checks and automatic caption texts
To avoid printing images with too low resolution, ColorMan gives you a quality value telling you if the images are OK for the printing method choosen. There are also alerts if the user prints, saves or exports documents when lowresolution images are mounted.

ColorMan can also be used to create caption texts when dropping an image into the layout. The text is fetched from the IPTC information in the images and can be placed with the image. Stylesheets from the layout may be applied automatically.