ConvertMe makes it easy to convert PDF-files. With ConvertMe you are able to convert PDF-files to PS, EPS, TIFF, JPG, RTF, TXT, HTML, MS Word, XML or PNG – automatically!

Convert Your PDF file-Automatically

In many ways, PDF is a fantastic file format. But still, there are situations where you may need to convert the PDF-files into other file formats, such as adjusting files for your production flow or other applications. These conversions are normally done manually in Acrobat – a task which is not only time-consuming but also runs the risk of human error when setting the preferences for the conversion.

ConvertMe allows you to set a standard for the conversions you do, forcing them to be done exactly the same way every time they are made. This, plus the time saved when ConvertMe makes the conversion from hotfolders, makes it simple to see that ConvertMe is an invaluable investment.

How do I do this?
It’s as easy as dropping your PDF in the correct folder. ConvertMe will open the file and export it to the format chosen in the preferences for that folder and you can pick up the new file in the output folder.

Since ConvertMe can scan a large number of input folders, you are able to create a full-scale PDF-flow. In every conversion, the original file may be saved. This enables one single PDF-file to result in many output files – fully automatically.