FileTrain handles files, folders and advanced structures. A complete workflow can be managed by FileTrain. With the use of FileTrain your files may be organized and distributed according to your own needs to simplify and speed up your work.

Automate your digital workflow

FTP Transfer & Communication
Get files from FTP-servers, run them in your internal workflow and send them to another FTP-server, only your imagination sets the limits.

FileTrain can handle files and folders in any way you like. Filter them to just handle certain types of files, decompress files on demand, distribute and sort files to your folder system or FTP. Send pages to the print house, fetch digital adverts for your workflow – everything is done automatically using hot folders.

FileTrain is a great tool when you need to automate and integrate different business operations, network environments and various system applications that requires complex and automatic workflows.

E-mail Transfer & Communication
Tired of wasting working hours on sorting e-mails?Do you want to integrate readers’ text or images into your systems?

FileTrain can direct e-mails with advertisements to your ad workflow, images to your image system and texts to any system you like – automatically.

Reading all the e-mails, taking care of the attachments, sorting, renaming files etc takes up a lot of time. FileTrain automates these tasks.

You can also use FileTrain to handle images, e.g those sent in by readers and freelance photographers. The information in the e-mails can be embedded as IPTC information, and of course you can use FileTrain for text as well, convert e-mails to text files and place them where you like, nice and easy.

Network Transfer & Communication

Get files from any “hot folder” on your network, run and filter the files according to your FileTrain workflow settings, and forward the files to one or several destination folders.

Filter and forward the files according to file type, date, filename etc, decompress files on demand, distribute and sort files to your folder system – everything is done automatically using hot folders.

Filters & Routing

FileTrain can be used for advanced routing using metadata like EXIF or IPTC (images), div tags (MP3-files) and of course also using filenames, folder names and similar.

Additional advanced features for filtering can be implemented as for example different PDF-versions, trim boxes of PDF´s or specific color space.

Using the built-in Macros, FileTrain can be set to do advanced routing using the filenames. Any character, or characters, in the filename can be used. The routing can also be set to route files to sub folders.


A built-in technology for plug-ins enables FileTrain to do almost anything with a file or folder, and can also be setup to call and run Apple scripts or shell scripts automatically.

Error Handling & Notifications
All automatic workflows will sooner or later generate some errors and an automatic system requires options for monitoring. It can for example be an FTP-server which is not accessible or a folder you can’t copy to because the server is not mounted.