With PROscript you can automatically reduce the file size on your copydot ads with up to 90% and normal digital ads with up to 75%.

Preflight for EPS & PostScript files

PROscript is a conversion and quality assurance program for EPS and PostScript files. Among it’s key features is that it can rewrite PS files.

The resulting file is static and clean and works on all setters and printers. When writing the new file, PROscript can be set up to convert colors, compress and down-sample images, embed fonts and more.

  • Full PostScript RIP for full preflight check of faulty PostScript
  • Additional checks allow complex, incompatible attributes to be discovered
  • Conversion to new, static, robust PostScript that is tolerant to future use
  • Conversion settings to embed fonts, convert colors and reduce file size
  • Creating previews and rendering bitmap files
  • Extensive error reporting and pinpointing

In addition, PROscript contains functionality for compression and down-sampling of images, creating files that are easier to transmit and handle. PROscript is used by advertising agencies, newspapers, prepress companies and anyone who needs to send, receive or use PostScript files.