K4 Edit & Layout is the ideal integration of vjoon K4 within Adobe InDesign and InCopy is shown in the system’s dedicated menu – here you can find all relevant K4Layout or K4Edit commands..

Client within Adobe InDesign and InCopy

The K4 palette shows you at a glance what your individual tasks are, who is currently processing which document, the status of tasks you have already completed, and much more. You can see a preview, open old versions of articles, images, advertisements and layouts, or search for any kind of metadata information. You can choose between various query modes and save your own queries and palette settings.

Working simultaneously and being up-to-date

With K4, multiple users can work simultaneously on any object type – even on the same object. For example you can edit an object’s metadata while another user edits text or alters the layout. In the latest version, you can even work on each individual box within an article (e.g. headline and body text).

Exchange information and Track changes

Digital sticky notes applied to layouts and articles serve to share comments and suggest corrections in a real-time chat interface. Revisions are documented and can be tracked by saving any desired number of versions.

Managing documents, generating captions and credits

You can also use K4 to manage Microsoft Office documents, e.g. Word or Excel files, and get automatic notifications when objects have changed for these content types as well.

Other important features are the automatic creation of caption and credit for images and configurable shortcuts for K4 commands (as known from InDesign).