K4 Web Portal servs as a central platform, the K4 Web Portal facilitates your browser-based publishing efforts. It provides all the query options you need, as notifications, previews and versioning.


K4 Web Portal automatically launches the appropriate plug-in according to the selected task and preference settings:

K4 Web Editor for editing print and online content in a browser.

K4 Approval Manager enables executives, marketing directors, purchasers and the like to review layouts and content to determine if they meet specifications and their expectations.

K4 File Manager lets you use a Web browser to manage any kind of files and a desktop application to edit them.

K4 Collections: Plan and research topics across all clients
K4 Collections is the perfect place to compile and capture all the information, images and URLs you need for an impending story and get started generating initial layouts and rough drafts. All the collated background information and every element that is not required immediately for the production workflow remains with the story and readily accessible in the K4 Collection. The content contained in K4 Collections is also available from within vjoon K4® clients in Adobe InDesign and InCopy.


  • Plan and research topics for upcoming issues and projects and make use of it across clients.
  • Collect all your research material (e.g. text, pictures, videos, URLs) in one place.
  • Get started with an initial layout and rough drafts and port them right into a publishing workflow.
  • Add additional content as a collection to articles and stories for background information.
  • Work on secret stories by starting a personal collection or make it available for your team for collaboration.