EvioTech WordPress K4 Importer Plugin is the missing link between your K4 system and WordPress site.

Let our plugin automate the process of creating and updating WordPress posts as part of your daily K4 article workflow.

The WordPress K4 Importer Plugin works in conjunction with vjoon’s XML Exporter to create WordPress posts according to your own styles and settings.

Most metadata attached to K4 articles can be mapped to the WordPress equivalent as per your specifications, for example:

  • K4 text label to WordPress CSS class
  • K4 article section to WordPress post category
  • K4 article author to WordPress post author
  • K4 article keywords to WordPress post tags
  • Custom WordPress CSS class for K4 article images
  • Custom text label to use as WordPress post excerpt

Please contact eviotech_sales@eviotech.com for license inquiries.

The plugin license includes a 1 hour remote installation/customization session with our technical support.